Handprinted Fabric Swap update –

handprinted fabric eggs

This is my first fat quarter that I made. The eggs and starfish represent the beautiful setting from our Orcas Island trip this past summer. The green eggs were PZ’s favorite and she kept checking the chicken coops over and over to see if they had laid any more. One day we got 12! Poor Hubs doesn’t even like eggs, but he still helped her scramble them up for a late night snack.

The second print is based on these really beautiful, fat purple starfish we found in the little cove that nestled up to the farm we were staying at. I like how the white starfish look almost like lace. There was another family staying at the farm while we were there, and it was actually their 4 year old boy who first spotted these elusive buddies.

The first picture is of the sample fabric I made. I like it though so will probably make a pillow or something out of it. The second is supposed to represent the cove this time. I was happy with how the water came out. This is my first time carving rubber stamps and I’m really enjoying it! I think I may have found a new medium.

Here are pictures of the two fabrics I’ve received so far.

The first, coincidently, is a whale print done by Rachael of imagine gnats and sent to me from her home in Ohio. Thanks Rachael! I really love it and the pop of color is so fun!

This one is more of a botanical theme sent to me all the way from Japan by Riyo of Talk to the Sun. Thanks Riyo! It’s so pretty and I love that you used the double gauze cotton!

Such talented women! I hope everyone likes the fabric I made. Thanks Leslie for this great opportunity. It’s been really fun!

2 responses to “Handprinted Fabric Swap update –

  1. glad you like the whales! i like what you’ve been working on too. and that double gauze that Riyo used IS lovely.

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