A List for Santa XOXO

People say I’m hard to shop for. They’re right! Usually if I see something I want I either buy it right then, or go home trying to figure out how to make it myself. Here’s a handy dandy, hopefully helpful, list for all those red hatted, white bearded folks out there scratching their heads about what to get me this year. Maybe you’ll see something that needs to be put on YOUR list to Santa, too!

Twig Branch Bobby Hairpins – Silver, Bronze, or Gold – $27.50 by Woodland Belle. I like the mix and match option.

I love Kelim Pottery‘s dishware, but this bluegreen bowl in particular. $38

I love this Fiji Mermaid Print from Portland local Emily Martin. $16

This recycled glass banner is great from Ta Dah PDX. Just what a person needs to catch every little bit of sunshine from a Portland winter. $38

This mustard yellow beanie made by Humphrey’s Handmade is such a great color and looks like it would actually fit my head. $24.50

I actually love the red and peach mittens more, but the yellow ones would match the hat better. Hard to decide. All the mittens at Unlimited Craftworks are adorable. $32

I have wanted one of these glamorous headbands from Giant Dwarf for over a year now. Please Santa! $40

This black leather obi belt is great. I have way too many brown belts! I Love Leather Belts $40

So that’s the list for now. Hope you’re listening Santa! Ho Ho Ho!


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