Monday Must Have: Vintage Toys for Girls and Boys

I love vintage children’s books, clothes, and toys! I buy mostly handmade or resale for myself and my kids, so I’ve been doing a little vintage shopping around this holiday season. So here’s my list of vintage toys for girls AND boys for the holidays. My gift to you!

AMradio is selling an adorable vintage circus set for $86.

NehlandZotz has a really sweet set of vintage sewing cards with 3 EXTRA cards, all for only $20.

RustyRoostersRags has an adorable and really durable looking duck rocking toy for $200.

julesgraphix0 is selling this cute wooden hobby horse for $22.

VintageRedPolkaDots has this great vintage telescopic eyepiece toy for $65.

4EnvisioningVintage is selling this lovely greek windup toy ukulele for $35.

gatonegro1 is selling this nice tin bank with a combination code for $50

SwitchbladeandCookie are selling this adorable wooden zebra toy for $65.

midlandmom is selling this brightly colored 60’s board puzzle from Preskool for $9.75.

alleycatgirl is selling this 1950’s Krueger Rattle Baby Booties for $21. These are one of those items that makes you wish you had a baby in the house.

Happy shopping everybody!

7 responses to “Monday Must Have: Vintage Toys for Girls and Boys

  1. Love your toy choices!! The old school toys still are the best!!

  2. Great idea! You are right… seems to be more girls’ vintage items available than boys’. Same with womens’ and mens’ vintage I feel. Nice work and thanks for including my baby booty rattles! -alleycatgirl 🙂

  3. I LOVE all these vintage toys!! 🙂 🙂


  4. Gorgeous finds all! I can’t believe I never realised I NEEDED a wind-up ukulele before now. 😉

  5. They are all so cute & fun.

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