Weekend Creative

Although sick, Q and I took some time to make some holiday wrapping paper this weekend. We used some of my rubber stamps, paint, sharpies, and cookie cutters as stencils.

I love the little Q she wrote on this one. She’s very into signing her work.

I also did my first round of vegan baking (I’ll tell you more about why, later). I made an alternate version of my favorite pumpkin chocolate chip bread by switching 1/2 a banana for the egg, unsweetened almond milk and a teaspoon of vinegar for the buttermilk, and earth balance for the butter. It came out great! I couldn’t taste the difference and now think it’s even healthier than before!

Chilling in my refrigerator until the girls and I can get time to cut out cookies, bake, and ice them tomorrow, is the vegan soft christmas cookie dough I made too. Fingers crossed they came out tasting good.

I stumbled upon this blog and became immediately enchanted. Wonder what one has to do to get on her christmas card list?

I’m also thinking about Squam for the spring. Anyone considering a crafty retreat? Perhaps a different one I need to know about??


One response to “Weekend Creative

  1. Awe, Q! Such great wrapping paper.

    And I love that blog! Such great work.

    And you know I would love to go to Squam!

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