Happy Holidays!

December has been fairly crazy around here, as I’m sure it has been at your house  too. We celebrated Winter Solstice in the “dark” with our friends, yummy soup, and my new favorite bakery, Sweet Pea’s, vegan carrot cake.

We made Christmas cookies here at home and gingerbread houses TWICE with two of our lovely “family” friends. (“family” friends is what we call friends who we’re so close with they might as well be family – you know who you are!)

We helped some of those same “family” friends celebrate Christmas a day early at their house. E loved the dinosaur sock doll PZ made for him. Then we hustled home to start our own celebrations.

Hubs fired up the yule log and we snuggled up to watch some classic Christmas movies thanks to a Christmas Eve present from my lovely sister Vicki and her family.

The girls woke EARLY Christmas morning to find their stockings overflowing with goodness! Santa did pretty great this year with my stocking, too!! We had a wonderfully, crazy time tearing through, I mean lovingly opening, each gift and then spent the evening having a scrumptious dinner at A and O’s house. Thanks guys!

Thanks to everyone who made our holiday season bright (that includes you!) and Happy Holidays!


2 responses to “Happy Holidays!

  1. Thanks for the fun pics – next best thing to actually being there.
    Emily, I knew the felted hat was big, but I was hoping with your thick hair( does that sound better than saying you have a big head?) and the drawstring it might fit. Was the knitted mustard hat big enough?
    I like the star on top of the tree -did you make it?
    It looks like the girls should have a busy vacation week before you take off for NYC.
    Love to all and a Happy New Year.

  2. emilyflippinmaruna

    The felt hat is totally adjustable. I was just being silly for the photo. The mustard hat I LOVE! The color is awesome and it is actually on the big side, so a fun sloppy hat. The girls adore their scarves and legwarmers. Thanks for all the handmade love!
    My sister got me that star many moons ago. I think it is actually supposed to be a bath toy/washcloth? I never used it for that and instead it became our tree topper years ago (before kids even). I’m kind of always on the lookout for a tree topper to replace it and have yet to find one I like better, so there it stays. 🙂 Happy holidays! Any chance we’ll see you in NY?

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