A Not Too Tough Cuff

On Saturday, after our New Year’s Eve brunch, I walked to get a chai latte to counteract all the mimosas. I forgot my mittens and so was forced to consider getting one of those paper cuffs to keep from burning my hands off. I opted not too. Those kinds of casual wastes just frustrate me. Instead I spent the walk home juggling my chai and coming up with a solution to my problem.

Before thinking too long and hard, I realized two things. One, it would be nice to have a chai cuff that was also a bracelet so I hopefully wouldn’t forget it as I had the mittens. And two, such a practical and creative idea had to have been done already. I took a spin around the web and found I was right!

I came across Trish’s tutorial on her blog, Genuine Mudpie. It was a really fast and easy project and super satisfying to not burn my hands when I pulled my chai out of the microwave this afternoon.  While it is a complete coincidence that my cuff is basically the same colors as hers, they look great and just happened to be the best yarn and buttons for the project. I had to add an extra set of buttons to mine so I could have the longer length needed to use with a glass jar; my normal mug.

I really like these simple, quick to complete projects. I’m taking a trip soon and want to take some more easy, no hassle crafts to do while I’m traveling . Any suggestions?


2 responses to “A Not Too Tough Cuff

  1. the cuff looks awesome! i love your glass jar mug as well! 😀

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