American Museum of Natural History – NYC 3

After the circus, and a quick, yummy bite at Lansky’s, our family and our friends Cory and Andy made the trek to the American Museum of Natural History. It was a busy Saturday afternoon, but while crowded and slightly confusing to navigate, the museum was full of wonder for grown ups and kids alike.

We started on the top floor, hoping to see the big Tyrannosaurs Rex like in the movie, Night at the Museum. No luck though.  A lot of the exhibits were closed because of some shindig they were setting up for. Maybe it was one? Who knows. We still had fun with the rest of the prehistorics.

Hubs said I looked like a true New Yorker. 🙂

4th floor dinosaurs

PZ by the anteater

This was PZ's favorite!

The second and third floors are a bit of a jumble in my mind.  Lots of cool stuff. Lots of animals and artifacts. Lots of information that PZ wanted read to her. I think she must have inherited this trait from my Dad. That man never met a plaque he wouldn’t read.

PZ was spooked by the animals. She thought they were going to come alive and "GET" her.

Put a bird on it!

Shaman tools - dig the bear claw!

These little "re-enactments" totally got the girls thinking.

These masks in the Asian section really caught my eye.

Q liked the little baby doll in the Asian Peoples section.

Hubs rocking out!

These dioramas are awesome!

Can you see the little flying carpet on the right, in the middle? So funny!

The girls thought this one was really cool. They pretended to be on a boat for a good 15 minutes.

The first floor was probably our whole crews’ favorite. Cory loved the geodes and the girls ran around like crazy  in that room. Hubs said the room was straight out of a Bond flick. We also got to go through the Native Peoples of the Pacific Northwest which made us all proud and slightly homesick. They’ve got a HUGE canoe! And my personal favorite was the last exhibit we visited.

Speaking of huge, have you seen the whale they’ve got? They’ve got so much cool stuff in this museum it made me want to some sort of collection of my own.

Q's favorite rock was the Rose Quartz.

The girls inside a meteorite.

Jellyfish right when you come in the room.

This was my favorite part of the whole museum!

Deadliest Catch has nothing on this guy!


By the time we got out of there we were all exhausted. Thankfully there’s an exit right to the subway. It took us straight back to Harlem, a good meal, and a beautiful moon over the city.



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