Another NYC Post

Although both Hubs and PZ had to navigate their way through a stomach bug during our trip, we were still able to have lots of fun! Hubs and I took the girls to see Mary Poppins at The New Amsterdam Theater. It was fantastic! We all loved it! If I lived in New York, I’d see every broadway show. The sets, the music, the acting – it was all phenomenal.

The next day Hubs and Andy finally had to go to work. Cory, the girls, and I went to moomah in Tribeca on the recommendation of my friend, and local New Yorker, Hilary. Thanks Hilary! It was so yummy! There were lots of fun toys and art stuff to keep the girls  entertained and the on the walls a crafting gallery that I found a complete delight. The whole affair made me a little homesick and now I wish owner Tracy Stewart would open a place here. Definitely the most Portland place we visited while in New York.

Q is pouring "smoothies" for us and making the blender noise. Note the way she's talking out the side of her mouth.

Across the isle from our table were these awesome dioramas.

This place was great for me with their green smoothies and dairy free options. The girls loved their blueberry smoothies and hummus plate, too. If you are in the Tribeca area with young kids I would highly recommend moomah. Q loved that everything in the bathroom was just her size AND mermaid themed. And PZ went bonkers for the projection room in the back. They pretend to swim for about 20 minutes.

the art above and behind Q

"swimming" in the projection room

After we ate, the helpful guy behind the counter told us about a great playground just a few blocks away. A few blocks meant a 20 minute walk, (thank goodness we brought the umbrella stroller to NYC or my back would have broken!), but we found a very clean, almost empty park. While it obviously had a water feature for the summer, there were a lot of nice features for the winter, too. Both girls liked the “train” the most.

"All aboard!"

there was also a "boat" in their toddler section

We ended up taking a cab to Chelsea Market once we were done playing. While Cory and Q shopped for some organic groceries for our Harlem home, PZ and I just had to check out One Lucky Duck and get some green juice, organic lemonade and a few smoothies for the road. Yep. We were pretty smoothied out by nightfall, but MAN they were delicious.


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