I Heart NY

From Top of the Rock

On our last full day, Cory and I took the girls to Rockefeller Plaza. Cory and I had a good time, but the girls were tired and hungry. Did we still make them go to all three floors of observation decks? Yep!

looking up

central park

I have no idea what these lights were all about, between observation decks on second to top floor, but the girls were fascinated.

I was fascinated, too.

In Rockefeller Plaza

the famous rink

I love this statue in front of the rink

Cory took the girls into Legoland while I visited the museum store and scored a couple of souvenir books for the girls. While fairly impressed with the Lego creations when I went to retrieve my party from Legoland, I was not tempted to buy anything. It was CRAZY in there!

Rockefeller Plaza built out of Legos

Once we left the plaza, we had to get food fast. The girls opted for pizza since it was the only restaurant with  a bathroom we could find. Sadly, they had nothing without dairy so I had to go eat by my lonely next door at a sandwich shop. Mediocre food at best, in both places. We were supposed to meet my friend Hilary in Union Square for dinner, so we had some time to kill and decided to kill it in Chinatown.

Radio City Music Hall on our way to subway

Portlandia sign. The shows seemed kind of big there. Go Portland!

PZ posed with this weird menagerie that some panhandler had gotten together.

Walking between Little Italy and Chinatown we saw a LOT of Santas hanging around.

In Chinatown, we basically just got lost a few times, Q cried because of all the dead fish and frogs and things, the girls had ice cream which I had to make them throw away because it was too messy and Q fell asleep as we rushed back to the Canal Street subway (the grossest one we went down into. ever see Candyman? it was like that) so we could get to Union Square and back to the land of big sidewalks. Chinatown was NOT made for strollers!

We did visit a nice park in Chinatown though on Hester street. The girls especially liked the set of 9 chimes built into the sidewalk.

At The Republic waiting for Hilary and family

We finally made it to Union Square and met my friend Hilary, her boyfriend Campbell, and their adorable daughter Ada for dinner at The Republic. The food was so so, but the reunion was great!

The next day we went to Marcus Garvey park in Harlem and then were off, back to the airport and home again to Portland! So glad to be back, even with this crazy downpour, but I DO Heart NY!

From Top of the Rock


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