ROI Day 3 and 4, Feeling Better?

I finally got out and about yesterday. Quinby and I went to the park and collected a LOT of acorns for this Wednesday’s Work.  I successfully made these pancakes. Much better than last weeks! And we worked on this cute little project.

Today wasn’t as care-free a day. Lots of errands and such, but I did get the chance to make this super easy and fortifying soup and I my ROI for today were these woodenvbeads. Maybe I’ll make a necklace out of them one day soon. I like how there’s a natural ombre effect because of the wood grain.

Here’s Anne’s ROI for today. I think this is one of the items she picked up this morning on our impromptu walk. “Swifts migrating on a rose hip”.

Enjoy your Friday folks!

xoxo Emily

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