October = Month of Sickness

So basically at least one if not both of my girls and myself have been sick every day this month. Yesterday was the first day in two weeks that I’d had both girls back in school. Today, Q is back on the couch. Boo!

Needless to say my Random Object Illustrations have been sidelined, but I do have some pictures from the month that I wanted to share from those rare moments of sun and health.


A Foundry find

The Rapunzel Halloween costume I made for Quinby

Nana’s knit dress on Q

I chose the materials and my friend Yancey hand-knit this gorgeous sweater. Yay!

Emily Alexander’s shadow puppet theater

Nature walk find

PZ and I made Pippi’s “long stockings”

Everyday is Halloween when you have your favorite skeleton

I’ve finished Q’s Rapunzel wig and am almost done with PZ’s Pippi wig. Fingers crossed that we are all healthy in time for our friend’s Halloween party on Sunday and of course trick-or-treating on Wednesday.








2 responses to “October = Month of Sickness

  1. Emily…tell me more about that shadow puppet theater. I am in love! Get well soon lady.

    • emilyflippinmaruna

      That awesome theater is at Quinby’s preschool (the one on Hawthorne with the dragon on top). I believe her teacher’s (Emily Alexander’s) Dad made it. Emily’s family own the Tears of Joy Puppet Theater here in town. She’s a great lady and a wonderful puppeteer. You’d like her! She does some really great shows at the school on weekends sometimes. I’ll give you a heads up next time she does one.

      The kids LOVED getting to play with the shadow puppet theater. They’ve been learning about, making, and playing with all kinds of puppets this whole month. Very cool.

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