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Inspiration Wednesday – Year of the Rabbit

I found this great video from Benji Davies and Jim Field.


Inspiration Wednesday – Colorful Supplies

These are the supplies I bought today. Don’t worry. The yarn and the honey will not be used in the same project! I just thought the colors were so pretty. Unfortunately I broke my camera today, so I’m stuck using my old one. What colors are inspiring you today?


Inspiration Wednesday – Crazy Cool Cakes

I’m having to post this a day late because I was having some technical difficulties. PZ’s birthday is, in her words, “just around the corner”, and we’ve been having some serious cake discussions. These are some of the crazy cool cakes I found in my research. She actually wants a butterfly cake. Anyone out there have any good birthday cake recipes or ideas on creative butterfly cakes. I don’t really want to buy a cake mold, but I may just have to.

This cake won a blue ribbon in the Kentucky State Fair in 2007 – (My home state!)

All the World’s sugar glass aquarium cake.


My Paper Crane‘s pinata cake.

A Delightful Day‘s Candyland cake

Betty Crocker‘s Lego Cake

Inspiration Wednesday 2 – Soup Ideas

Well, Hubs and I are all a-flutter over our Soup Swap Party coming up. What to make, what to make? Here are a few ideas. What is your favorite soup? Do you have a great recipe you’d like to share?


eat make read’s Butternut Squash Soup with Pear, Cider, and Vanilla


smitten kitchen’s Baked Potato Soup



Soup Chick’s Double Goodness Tomato Soup


A Thousand Soups’ Cream 0f Broccoli Soup with Bacon and Cheddar

Deja Vu’s Split Pea and Ham Soup


Inspiration Wednesday – Soup Swap


January 22 is the 5th annual National Soup Swap day. You make a big pot of soup, freeze it, and call up a bunch of friends. I’m totally in! Now I’m going to have to figure out what soup or soups I’m going to make. Soups on folks!

Inspiration Wednesday – Embroidery

I haven’t done an Inspiration Wednesday in awhile, but embroidery is something that I always find fascinating. There are a few embroidery hoops on my shelves that I’m sure will get used this year. I hope these great artists inspire you to pick up a thread and needle or whatever creative tools you use in your artistic pursuits.

Cindy Steiler of marysgranddaughter does this awe inspiring piece Daring Young Girl on the Flying Trapeze.

Laura Amiss’ City Living makes me happy every time I see it.

Megan Whitmarsh‘s Yeti is just out there. I can’t stop looking!

Rachel J Lieberman of DangerPeach’s Why I Oughta in 3D is so cool, like a Hitchcock film you can put on your wall.

Patti Roberts-Pizzuto of MissouriBendStudios’ Summer No 7 reminds me of a classic children’s book.

Takashi Iwasaki, all his work is fantastic and modern and completely different from other things I’ve seen.

Melissa Crowe of LittlePinkHouse’s Little City Hoop/Pirates of Love (Galleon) is lovely and a valentine I would be happy receiving. (Hubs?)

Portland local, Cate Anevski’s Facebroidery No 7 is such a splendid idea. I personally love painting and drawing faces and seeing Cate’s work really makes me want to try my hand at embroidery next.

Samantha Cotterill of Mummysam’s If Charlie Were King is done in a wonderfully illustrative style. She has a book out right now that I am really anxious to borrow, Fanciful Felties.

Spacey – and I’m Not Talking About Kevin

I got PZ a Color Me Rocket for Christmas and we’re thinking its the perfect focal point for the new kids playroom we’re setting up in the basement. Here are some of my favorite inspirational items, possible purchases, and crafty outer space tutorials I discovered whilst researching what to do with this room.

A Blast from the Past’s vintage Man on the Moon album and commemorative booklet of the Apollo 11 landing – Great atmosphere and educational too. Plus the Hubs would like this one so it would be a double hit.

Stories Divinations 1939 Solar System poster – this has major vintage appeal and would be great in the music room or the hallway leading up to the playroom.

Stickytiki’s Space Odyssey 1968 Reusable Decals – absolutely love the comic book feel of these.

Invisible Fountain’s original outer space painting Neal Footstrong – strange and delightful. I like the bright, bold colors and the bebop sensibility.

Cornflake Gurl’s Space Dog print –  really sweet and thought provoking all at the same time.

Fun Room for Kids‘ Outer Space hand painted, reusable wall decal kit – these are so fun and at $40 a LOT simpler than painting.

Martha Stewart’s carboard tube space ship tutorial – these would be fun to have hanging from the ceiling or just on a shelf as display.

Mad in Crafts Laundry Monster tutorial – great for stuffed toy and doll storage especially if mine were more of an alien and less of a monster.

5 Orange Potatoes’ Moon Phases Dream Pillow tutorial – this was on my to do list for Christmas, but I didn’t get to it. Such a lovely idea. Can’t wait to make a few of these to have around the room.

Katie Boyette’s knit rocket pattern from Ravelry – for all my knitters, you know who you are.

molo felt rocks at padstyle –  while I wouldn’t make them exactly like this, I like the idea of having wool felt pillows or strange foam shapes around the room and maybe even on the walls.

munk munk’s felt circle picture found on craftster – I think this is really pretty and would be a fun, easy if time consuming project that PZ could  help me with.

If you’ve done a kid’s space room or have seen/heard/made any good tutorials out there in crafty blog land please let me know. I’ve got practically no budget, but am really looking forward to making the room a place the girls can feel comfortable and have a great time in. The carpet guy is coming tomorrow and I’m still in shock that the room idea is happening. Man, when Hubs finally relents to one of my ideas he doesn’t waste any time! Hooray!!