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Random Object Illustration Day 1

Who can guess what fluffy character I drew? If you guessed Don Freeman’s Earl the Squirrel, you are not only well versed in children’s literature, but also a talented guesser. You’d have to be. Ha! I now know I need to invest in some finer tipped pens.

Earl is my 4 year old’s favorite little guy right now and while I’m not thrilled with how my drawing came out, Q is. That’s good enough for me! Speaking of Q, how about another guessing game. You put a very cute picture of Q…

and a “design” she made,  together…

and who can guess what she wants to be for Halloween? Anybody else making room on the calendar for costume sewing this holiday season?

Edit: Here is my friend Anne Roger’s Random Object Illustration for Day 1. Did you make one? Send it my way!

Love at First Sight

“So flippin’ cool!”, spontaneously blurted out of my mouth upon seeing MY designs on Anne’s daughter Opal today. I had my first photo shoot today for the new website (which will be coming soon) and it was awesome! My friend Anne did the photography, my other friend Jody helped out and they both lent their children as models. Believe me, with 6 kids running around half dressed and crazy, chaos ensued.

The Rieke Art Fair is this Sunday and I think I’m pretty much ready. The rubber stamp I bought to stamp out my logo tags was printed backwards, (totally my fault), so the clothes will be without tags. Hopefully by the next fair I’ll have them. Wish me luck! If anyone has any advice/craft fair horror stories, or fond fair memories I’d love to hear it!