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Cuckoo for Applesauce

Want to know how to turn this…

into this?

Get your husband to do it! Hah! Sorry Hubs!!

That’s 50 quarts of homemade applesauce. The family and I went up to Hood River Gorge this past weekend. It was gorgeous! We didn’t pick our own, but we did go to one of the farms on the Fruit Loop, and scored a box of Tokyo Rose, a box of Crimson Crisps, and 2 boxes of Elstars. Delish! The girls also nabbed 14lbs of Stark Crimson pears.

Hubs ended up being the lucky one to get to make and can all that lovely applesauce. (I did it last year!) Thanks Hubs! With the 1/2 a box or so that was left over, I’ve been making soups with apples out the wazoo and tonight I’m planning on pumpkin and apple cider pancakes. Yay!

We also got a little creative with some apple science. More on this one later. Who else is loving apple season?