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Project 52: Show and Tell

Every year for Christmas I give each girl a photo album to help them remember the year we’ve just completed. These albums also make wonderful gifts to give the grandmothers so its essentially a twofer! While making the albums this year, it struck me that a similar book or perhaps a calendar made from photos of the kids’ art/handmade items would also be a cherished gift and a much easier way of archiving their work.

So, with that in mind, I give you my own Project 52: Show and Tell. Every week I’ll post a piece of artwork or something handmade from either one or both girls. By the end of year, creating a calendar of their work should be a snap. If you want to join in the fun on your own blog, please just link back to this page. I’ve also started a flickr group where non bloggers and bloggers alike should feel free to post their kids’ artwork.

Feather Art


Week 1 is a contribution from my two year old, Quinby. This is a feather painting done at her preschool.