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Your Tip for Tuesday

Over 450 of you commented on my May Giveaway Day Beginning Sewing post. You guys rock! It was great reading about your first sewing projects: the skirt sewn on backwards, the funky 80’s culottes, the crooked tote bags. A lot of you have only been sewing a short while, perhaps putting the knitting needles and hot glue guns down to try a new craft or simply wanting to sew clothes for your precious little ones. It started me wondering what advice I could share…Once I realized that my top 10 sewing tips really amounted to 1. The iron is your friend, I wised up and called in the big guns!

Fellow Portlander, Amy Karol is the author of Bend the Rules Sewing and the soon to be released Bend the Rules with Fabric. She is also the well-loved blogger of Angry Chicken. (Pretty much if you have a craft blog, Angry Chicken is on your blogroll and if you have a craft library, Bend the Rules Sewing is on your shelf. If its not it should be!) I introduced myself and The Handmade Experiment and asked for her help.

Amy was really encouraging and with some email “big hugs” she passed on this top sewing tip…

“My #1 advice is don’t make it up as you go. I think so many new sewers don’t want to fail, so they don’t use patterns because they are afraid they won’t do it right, so they avoid them. This can lead to so much frustration. Patterns and books are tools to help (of course I’m going to say this because I have written 2 sewing books) but learning enough to be comfortable is key. That’s when it’s fun, after you take the time to learn the basics. Sewing has been around for so long, there is no reason anyone should try to reinvent the wheel. All the answers are out there if you look and ask.”

Thanks Amy! Words to live by people. 🙂

In no way perfect, but…”

Every time I go to show someone one of my finished sewing projects, these are the words I say, “It’s in no way perfect, but…”. Part of me is sad that I feel I have to somehow justify my work like this. The other part of me thinks it is hilarious that even though I KNOW the piece isn’t perfect, I still can’t wait to show it off! I’m so excited to have created something, I can’t help but love it flaws and all. So, keeping that it mind…pzinsmock

I made this smock using Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing book

I made this smock using Amy Karol‘s Bend the Rules Sewing Book. I was originally thinking it would work for Q to go with the bloomers I made from Heather RossWeekend Book, but it was WAY too big. Fits PZ quite nicely though, and since she is pretty much convinced that everything I make should go to her this worked out.



Speaking of Q, she has decided that spoon feeding is no longer an option. She must feed herself. So, until it is warm enough for her to go shirtless at the dinner table I figured we’re going to need a lot more bibs in the house. I copied the shape from Jenny Ryan‘s Sew Darn Cute book, but where she calls for adding an iron-on vinyl to the fabric I chose to just leave the cotton plain. I’ve found that the vinyl bibs work better for older kids, whereas when they are still young enough to make BIG messes it is best to be able to throw it in the wash. Just my preference.



Weekend Bloomers

Last night I finished my Heather Ross, Weekend project, only a couple of weekends (and one week day) late. I am so excited about these bloomers because they are so so so cute and they actually fit both my 8 month old with her cloth diaper and my 3 year old. Yay! I used this really cute red and white stripped fabric from Wilmington’s Back Porch Prints series and now I totally want to do them in green and white and blue and white stripes. I think I’m either going to make the smock from Amy Karol‘s, Bend the Rules Sewing book or the little swing top from Kitschy Coo to go with the bloomers. Ah…so many projects and so little time!

Q is holding herself up here!

Q is holding herself up here!

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