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Handprinted Swap News

Over at onegirl, Leslie is having a handprinted fabric swap and I signed up. I’ve been in a bit of a crafting slump lately (a blog posting slump as well! sorry!!) and I’m hoping that participating in this swap helps.

We found out our swap mates today which is always fun. Especially since the swap is international. I DO love getting and giving international mail. I’ll be swapping with:

Jessica from Nebraska. Her shop is BornLippy, but it’s empty right now so she’s a bit of a mystery.

Riyo from Japan. Her shop is Talk to the Sun and her blog is Talk to the Wind and Sun. She seems to do felting and block printing.

Lili from Tasmania. Her shop is Once Upon a Time and her blog is Lazy Days although it looks like her days are anything but! She makes really fun stuffies.

Rachel from Ohio. Both her shop and her blog are named Imagine Gnats. She is new to printing like me.

Jenn and I have done a bit of printing lately and have even paired up to make pillows, etc. for a craft show coming up next month. (Another step I’m taking in trying to find the HAPPY in my crafting.) She had the idea to do really great jellyfish prints which reminded me of my trip to Orcas Island this past summer, so I’ve decided to use that trip as inspiration for my block prints. Here are some pictures (reposted) that I’m hoping will inspire me (and maybe you. Who knows!?!).

What My Week Looked Like – 2nd Week of June

PZ will tell you that Dudley smiles when she walks him. She's right. He Does! We love you old boy!!

Quinby walking blind behind her PDX Beanie

My Ikea Hack - We turned this cookie cutter packaging...

into this. I cut them out and PZ and Q colored them and glued them to the popsicle sticks.

pizza sammies

Jenn Finn's Alphabet Birds painting. Thanks for the gift. The girls love it!

the important letters

yummy basil, moz, and tomato grilled sandwich on rye

My fabric airplane. This was after the craziest walk ever. Both of my shoes broke!!!

PZ's fairy tree

My cat print inspired by Frank Chimero

My snail print

PZ's cat and snail. We made these while poor Q slept on the couch. We are so ready for her stomach bug to go away!

This tree print I actually made at craft/book club a couple of weeks ago. Thanks Missi for the instruction and the great time!!