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Random Object Illustration – Day 2 (In which I am furthermore going to abbreviate the title to ROI)

I’ve been sick (just a stupid cold) since last Friday, so haven’t been too interested in nature walks. The sun though has beenĀ beautifulĀ (isn’t that always the way!?) shining in through the window while I lie in a pile of used tissues and watch a White Collar marathon on Netflix. Why did I never know about this show?? I love con men! At least on TV. And Matt Bomer is CUTE!

So all day I’ve been trying to wrack my brain about what I should use for my random object when I’ve barely been outside and here’s what my Coldcalm-ed coated mind came up with. Tights!

I kind of love how these came out! My Mama sent me a ton of colored tights from her stash last winter (thanks Mama!), and now I’m thinking I’m going to have to make more of these. A lot more. With the new fabric paint pens the work is pretty quick. I’ll have to see how these do in the laundry and then perfect my technique. These would make a fun project for the girls too.

Stay healthy and stay creative!

XOXO Emily