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Tuesday Thinking

This is going to be a quickie.

Attic 24 teaches us how to make a chevron blanket. I’m thinking turquoise and mustard for my living room.


I know. I know. I owe you guys some real sit down time since I’ve been awol and there was a weird virus thingy for a few weeks, (the site is all clean again – thanks crazy people who still came to my blog even when google was telling you not to. You must have really needed an Emily fix!), but this is all the time I’ve got right now.

Recipe Boy’s Raspberry Dark Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

It’s my birthday tomorrow! My girly gals are taking me out for drinks tonight and one of my besties is taking me and the girls to Hood River for hiking and berry picking and picnicking and beaching tomorrow. Can’t wait!!

I’m thinking I’d like my hair to do this. What do you think?

I finally put the top and skirt together on the dress I’ve been making for myself for over a year now. It was abysmal. Apparently if you loose weight you have to account for that in your dress making. I tried to fix it and nothing was making it look any better. I think I’m over that particular dress. Next week I’m going to have a couple of days to work on whatever I want to and I’m considering whipping up one of Collette‘s patterns.

I really, really, really want to get a new tattoo. I’m thinking flowers.

So, sorry about the quickie. But this is what my thoughts are on this Tuesday. What are you thinking?


Spring Challenge Color Palette Week 1

Sarai, proprietress of Colette’s Patterns and Portland local, is doing a really cool sew along and I’m going to take part! Its the Spring Palette Challenge, a ten week sewing challenge where you choose a spring color palette and sew yourself a mini wardrobe using those colors. She has created a Forum where people can share their palettes, challenges, and final products.

My challenge will be to sew 3 pieces – a skirt, shirt, and dress in my selected color palette.

My spring palette is this below. Wish me luck and I’d love it if you want to sew along!



Something for Myself

Not to sound too woe-is-me, but I didn’t sew anything for myself all of 2010 and I think I’m due! Strangely enough, the higher powers that be must too, because I randomly saw a few tutorials out in blogville today that I want to try.

I saw this infinity dress that my local crafty pal, Daniela did and now I totally want to try one!

Dana over at Made posted this fantastically, elasticy , twirly-whirly winter skirt and my heart is racing like I’m doing the spinning right along with her. I want a bunch of them! For me and the girls. Wait, scratch that. Forget the girls, this post is about ME.

I actually already own both the Sencha and the Crepe patterns from the lovely and local Sarai‘s Colette Patterns. Now I just  need to remember, as my Mama always says, “It’s all about me,” and get to work!

And then I saw this…

Squam! Taking cool craft classes. Meeting awesome people. On a retreat. In a beautiful location. Without my kids. Are you reading this Hubs?