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Pillow Talk

I finished all my pillows and actually sold two at the craft fair last weekend which was pretty exciting! I figured I’d post the finished products and their stories here for you guys to read. Please excuse the poor quality photos!

Pillow number 1 – SOLD!

Bianca is a dental hygentist just out of school. She loves making smiles brighter and always carries dental floss in her dress pocket. One day she hopes to have children so she can collect all their milk teeth in a little jar.

Pillow number 2 – $45

Hewbert is a railway attendent. In thirty years of work, he has never lost a single piece of luggage. Hewbert’s favorite part of his day is when he gets to call, “All Aboard!”

Pillow number 3 – $45

Jacque is a true Jack of all trades. Currently he is an apartment manager in a artist’s coop in Paris. With his paint splattered pants and his hip hairdo he fits right in.

Pillow number 4 – $40

Milkman Mike delivers organic, locally farmed cow’s and goat’s milk in a picturesque village in Vermont. Kid’s love the musical sound of the glass milk bottles clinking as Mike deposits them on the stoop.

Pillow number 5  –  $60

Savannah is home from her busy day as bank manager and is currently reading  Great Expectations to her twins, Tom and Sarah. She is looking forward to a nice cup of sassafras tea on the veranda before a late supper.


Pillow number 6 – $30

George is a second generation grocer in his family’s store, the Daily Diamond. Tuesday’s Special of the Day is on gorgonzola! Buy 2 get one free! George has a recipe for tomato basil and gorgonzola soup he’s anxious to try.


Pillow number 7 – $35

Lucetta is a voice for hire. She does mostly jingles and radio bits, but is starting to feel caged into a career that she’s afraid is going no where. Lucetta dreams of traveling to far away places, but currently resides in the cramped turret on her Aunt’s palatial estate in Hollywood, California.

Pillow number 8 – SOLD!

Peter is a reluctant butcher. Unfortunately his family never understood his passion for design or women’s shoes. Now he is forced to stretch his talent by producing lavish meat displays in his father’s shop. Poor Peter.

Pillow number 9 – $40

Fabio is a candy maker and pastry chef. He has loved sweets since he was a little boy in Italy and was always getting under foot in his Nona’s chocolate shop. Now, Fabio’s sweets are in high demand in all the right circles. While he loves his job, he still misses the sound of his Nona’s singing and the lulling sound of the sea.



Rescue Me!

After two weeks of puttering through this project, I’m FINALLY done. It took cleaning up and rearranging my sewing studio to do it, but I now have 9 superhero capes to sell for the show I’m doing at the Laurelhurst Whole Foods on Saturday September 18. I’ll be there 2-7. You know you want to come!

Capes are, of course, just one of the items I’ll be selling, but for now they are all I’ve gotten done. I’m planning on also doing pajamas, something back to school and a few more costume-y items. For some reason when I think of kids and the beginning of autumn I think costumes and pjs. Who knows?!? Today though I’m having one of those,”What have I gotten myself into?”, days. Where’s a superhero when you need one?