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Reading Between the Lines – Inspiration Wednesday with More Reader’s Blogs

We all search the internet for inspiration from time to time. Most of us probably search daily, but how many of us stop to acknowledge our own ability to inspire. I started this Handmade Experiment back in January and have shared my experiences both online and with my friends and family from the very beginning. What a joy it has been finding out that just by sitting down and sewing a tutu for a little girl’s birthday or figuring out a pattern for a pair of kid’s pants I can inspire others to make something of their own!

You all have given me such encouragement and support to keep up with my commitment to handmade. This week I’m turning it around and lending my support to YOUR endeavors. Thank you for reading and commenting, for sending in pictures and sharing your own inspirations with me.

Here are some more crafty, creative blogs from some of my readers. Everyone of them is an inspiration.


A Bookish Life – Keri quilts, makes clothes for an adorable little girl, writes book reviews, and much, much more.

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Gots to Get Over the Hump – Inspiration Wednesday (better late than never)

If you are a parent or teacher of young kids, you know how hard it is when the inspiration dries up. The Best of Making Things by Anne Wiseman is the best cure for a dry spell I know. This book is great, not only for all the creative project ideas, but also for all it’s reuses of recycled objects. Innovative and sustainable, you have to like that.


In the same vein, my mother-in-law recently purchased Highlights Craft Book Set 1 for PZ. It is a collection of four books – Look What You Can Make With: Boxes, Tubes, Paper Plates, and Paper Bags. Perfect for a rainy day or a long break from school (just in time, no preschool for two weeks!), these books are so much fun. We haven’t tried any of these projects yet, but PZ has been scoping them out, everyday pointing out a new one she wants to try. I’ll let you know. Happy crafting!