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Catch Up 1

My computer is fixed! Yay!! But now I have so much catching up to do. Boo! 

First let’s start with Q’s first birthday back in the beginning of July. Whew! So long ago. Did you guys hear we’ve been in a heat wave! It was 107 degrees here early in the week. Ack! Anyway, I told you all about the gifts PZ and I made for her here, but I hadn’t gotten a chance to show you the ball or all the other fun stuff I made! 

The party was a lot of fun, btw. Thanks everyone who was able to attend! We had a pot luck picnic lunch at a local park and the older kids got to run around like goof balls and hang out by the duck pond and such. Good times! 



pink lady cake - recipe from Smitten Kitchen


Quinby's Queen Bee birthday crown

Quinby's Queen Bee birthday crown


Q's birthday banner - kept plain so we can reuse it. Thrifty Mama!

Q's birthday banner - kept plain so we can reuse it. Thrifty Mama!


PZ giving Q the ball we made for her.

PZ giving Q the ball we made for her.

I also wanted to show the blankets I made for Craft Hope. The deadline ended on the 25th, which was coincidently MY birthday. Whoo Hoo! I spent the day hosting a yard sale in 105 degree heat. Yay! But all kidding aside, it was a wonderful day. Full of fresh flowers, yummy pastries, and special good wishes from all my friends. I got showered in rose petals by an adorable three year old boy, for goodness sakes! Thirty-three must be the year I become a goddess. 


Craft Hope elephant blanket.

made from vintage cotton and an up-cycled Urban Outfitters curtain





two vintage cottons and the lion (and above elephant) are cut from Michael Miller's Jungle Box fabric.

Inspiration Wednesday – Craft Hope

Dust off your sewing machine and your crochet and knitting needles. It is project 3 time for Craft Hope and this time they are headed to India. Partnered with the Miracle Foundation, Craft Hope will be traveling in August to Bhawani, Rourkela and Sooch Village to deliver handmade blankets, booties, and hats to orphans in need. Now they just need the items. This is where we come in. I’ve signed up to help and I’m reaching out to you to do the same. Your handmade contribution doesn’t have to be perfect, I know a lot of us are beginners here, it just has to be made with love.


The blankets, booties and beanies can be knit, crocheted or sewn and you can choose to make any one of the items or all three. If you are interested, please comment here and sign yourself up. The deadline for project 3 is July 25 (my birthday!). And if you’re looking for patterns or have some to share, please go here. These kids have had it tough, they deserve the best we can give them. Craft Hope is crossing borders to make a difference, spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time.