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HumbleLuna Giveaway

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Fellow Portland Mama, Heidi, from Humble Luna, makes these adorable and durable costume tails that every and any kid would love. You may remember her from my Monday Must Have: Children’s Halloween Costumes post last month. Well now she’s offering up a Dragon Tail from her shop to one of you! How cool is that!?!

Heidi loves sewing and drawing. She started making children’s costumes 8 years ago when her daughter Sophie was born. (Isn’t it interesting how many of us start on our crazy crafting journeys when we have kids?) While designing costumes as an intern at the Portland Children’s Museum, Heidi came up with the idea for these Dragon Tails. They are a safe, easy to put on dress-up toy that also appeals to both boys and girls.

If you are local and would like to buy one of these great Dragon Tails check out Piccolina on 26th and SE Clinton or Plue on SE Woodstock and 44th. You can also find Humble Luna at Milagros‘ (5433 N.E.30th Ave)¬†fundraiser for Mercy Corps. This Holiday Bazaar is on December 5th from 11am-3pm.

Everybody else can check out her etsy shop. Make sure to check back often! Heidi is planning on adding hand painted butterfly/fairy wings and other costume pieces soon. Just write The Handmade Experiment into the seller’s notes and receive a 20% discount!!

Now for the giveaway!

Just leave a comment here before Sunday the 6th, midnight PST. Tweet about this giveaway for another chance at winning, then leave me another comment letting me know. Remember to subscribe to my blog for upcoming giveaways. I’ll be having another one on Wednesday as part of the Sew, Mama, Sew December Giveaway Day! I’ll announce the winner on Monday the 7th. Good luck!

A Mama With Power Tools: How I Made a Bean Bag Toss Game

PZ’s playgroup had its last birthday (at least for a couple of months) this week. A little guy, O, turned three. He and his family are fairly active so I wanted to do something fun that wouldn’t be TOO easy, but would be engaging for more than just this summer. I was really intrigued by Future Craft Collective’s bean bag toss that I blogged about in my Get Outta Here and Go Outside post. So I took their tutorial and tweaked it a little. Instead of using a cardboard box, I broke out the power tools and made a corn hole board out of plywood. This was my first time using a jig saw and it was awesome! Totally empowering! Mamas, if you are looking for something fun to do on Mother’s Day, this just might be it. Ha!

Continuing on the I’ve never done it before theme, I thought I might as well do a little tutorial as well. I, of course, didn’t think to do that until I’d already done all the cutting, but I’ve got a lot of pictures so hopefully I can walk you through the rest of it. If you have any questions, just ask!

Here goes nothing…

Corn Hole Board for O's third bday

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Queen for a day or Turning the Big 3

I can’t believe my baby is 3 already! We had family in to celebrate and although we didn’t have her party until the Sunday after her birthday, on the actual day we did have lunch at Airplay Cafe. The girls enjoyed the band, Josh and Blake, and we all got to eat and dance and sing along. They had one song in particular called Ten Toes which was especially cute.

PZ in her birthday crown with cousin Lauren

PZ in her birthday crown with cousin Lauren

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Muno Mania

*Cheerios Underfoot is having a crafty Yo Gabba Gabba giveaway. Comments are open until 12/07/09. Good luck!

Little Miss O, another little girl in PZ’s playgroup, had her third birthday party on the 15th. We had a great time at the Children’s Gym. PZ especially enjoyed the trampoline and Q was just happy to get out of the Ergo and onto the mat. For this little girl, an avid Yo Gabba Gabba enthusiast, I made a Muno pillow. I found the no-sew pattern on the Nick Jr. website and printed the pattern out. It was super easy, although I did sew mine just because I didn’t really like the flattened edges of the no-sew pictures. I just used craft felt that I had left over from making Solstice decorations and Elmer’s School glue for the eye, mouth, and teeth. Muno came out so cute. Now PZ really wants one. They have patterns for Foofa and Brobee, too!


I had this really cute fabric from Cool Cottons and needed to make a birthday gift for a little girl in our playgroup. Since she is a Valentine’s baby, I thought this heart rice pillow would be a sweet present.

I came across the basic tutorial for a rice pillow on the blog, Wise Craft. I thought it would be a simple project, but the heart was a little harder then I expected. It took two tries, but it came out pretty well. I added lavender and brown rice to the pillow and used an old table linen for the inside liner. I like to think it will be a nice keepsake for her as she gets older.

The Experiment Begins

My 2009 New Year’s resolution is a pledge to give only handmade gifts this year. I’ve been buying handmade more and more since having my first child in 2006 partly because I love having original, one of a kind toys and clothes for my girls and also because I want to support the artists in the arts and crafts movement. Now, it will be my turn to take inspiration from those artists and create something on my own. Very exciting! Especially when you factor in that most of these gifts will be for children, which is perfect for me for while my creative mind is stocked full, my creative ability has some room in the larder.

The criteria for these gifts will be that the item/project must be something my daughter PZ, who is almost 3, can help with. The supplies for the project can’t cost more then I would spend on a store bought gift, thus saving me money. And the gift must be something enjoyable for both the giver, i.e. me, to make, and the recipient to receive. So far, we’ve made playdough for a little guy in PZ’s preschool class who was turning 3. It was fun, simple enough that PZ could participate in every aspect of its creation, and extremely cost efficient. Yay!

We’ve been invited to another birthday party on the 15th of February. PZ’s own birthday is on the 20th of that month and I know of at least 5 other birthdays we’ll probably be invited to between now and May. So stay tuned to find out how the adventure goes. I’m thinking next might be recycled crayons; zero cost, mucho fun.

Also as a way to give back to our local arts and crafts community and help support those that have inspired me so much, I will be striving to profile some of my favorite local craftspeople. I look forward to sharing their work and perhaps even their words with you, (if I can get anyone to let me interview them).

Earth Friendly Play Dough

* 1 cup flour (not self-rising)
* 1/2 cup salt
* 1 cup water
* 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
* 1-1/2 teaspoons cream of tartar

Mix in saucepan over low heat. (It does not have to heat long.) Dough is ready when it rolls into a ball. Keep dough fresh in an airtight container. If you need to make different colors, add food coloring while mixing over heat.

*recipe from teachnet.com
**We made our gift extra special by including with it cookie cutters letters that spelled out the boys name.