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Fancy Pants

If you are looking for my SMS giveaway posts either scroll down or click here for HumbleLuna’s (the tail) and here for Sister Diane’s (ebook). I know it feels like I’ve become a giveaway blog, but I promise I’m still here. Motivation has been a bit of an issue lately. I’m hoping I can get a good deal done this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I wanted to show you guys something, even if it isn’t one of the presents I’m working on. (I’m taking pictures of all my finished presents and will post them after Christmas so you guys can see the last hurrah). Here are some “fancy pants” I made for Q. I found the black wool, think peacoat material) at Mill’s End and the vintage lace at Knittn’ Kitten. PZ saw these and immediately asked where hers were, so I’m going to have to make her something similar. Is a 4 year old too old to have ruffles on the butt? I kind of think maybe. Perhaps I’ll put the ruffles down the sides or on the knees. Let me know what you think!

fancy pants

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My Nifty Gifties Project Complete and My 100th Post Giveaway!!

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I finally finished my facebook I will make you something challenge. I made this bracelet/pincushion for my friend Yancey. I got the how-to out of Jenny Ryan‘s Sew Darn Cute book. I call this the silver lining bracelet. It seemed appropriate as we are headed into Portland’s rainy season. Plus, she’s my crafty buddy. Yay!

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Tuesday Tutorials: the Halloween Costume Addition


Local Mama and Craftzine contributor Susan Beal gives us this awesome Yoda costume tutorial. Pearl looks so cute! Great job, Susan!!

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Must Make Monday – Upcycled

Hubs and I were talking debt today. Eeeekkkk! Nuff said.


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May Giveaway Day – Beginning Sewing


If you’ve been following along you’ll know all about the Handmade Experiment and how back in January I committed myself to making all the gifts I give this year. So far this has involved some baking and woodworking and a LOT of sewing. I had done a bit of sewing before – some pillows and the lining for a crocheted bag I made for a friend, but nothing like what I’ve done this year – tote bags, kid’s clothes, costumes, and even some plushies.

My hubs says he’s really proud of me. I’m proud of me, too! Sewing and creating for myself and friends and family is something that I’ve always wished I could do. I thought it would be so hard, but its not. My best piece of advice: start out simple. Sure you want to made retro swing dresses that fit you perfectly, but why not start with a cute tote or wrap skirt? One success will give you the confidence to move on the the next project and the next. Before you know it, your friends will be asking you to sew stuff for them!

For those who are letting their lack of a machine get in the way, check out your local fabric stores and crafty shops. You might find that there are sewing machines you can rent or a space you can go to work on your project. If you live in Portland or the surrounding area, check out DIY Alert! for a map of crafty spots around town and lists of classes.

Okay, so you might have picked up I’m big on promoting handmade. To prove I’m not all talk and to be a part of the May Giveaway Day spectacular that Sew, Mama, Sew! is throwing, The Handmade Experiment is reaching out to those sewing beginners and wish-I-coulders with an awesome sewing supplies giveaway from two great Portland designers!

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Inspiration Wednesday – In the Neighborhood


Collette Patterns are supper sweet!
Sarai Mitnick has designed classic, vintage inspired pieces for women size 0-18 to make, wear, and adore for years. This is one of those situations where I’m sitting around really cherishing the experience of finding something new and then I roll it around and discover it comes from my own back yard. Sarai is a Portland girl, too! What can I say, Portland rocks! 🙂 Continuing on with that theme…


… there’s Emily Martin from Black Apple. I’ve loved her work for a couple of years now after discovering her illustrations on Etsy while I was decorating the nursery for my first daughter, Pannonica.


These are some of her new dolls. You might have seen her on the Martha Stewart show awhile back making dolls. She is another Portland, gal. Yay! I just love her work and am seriously considering trying to sew one of those dolls myself.


She also, I’m just discovering, has a fashion blog called Some Girls Wander by Mistake. So glad I decided to write this post, because now I have some new inspiration, too! Hope that gets you over the hump, happy crafting!

That’s a Wrap!

I finished my first wrap skirt!! I used Daisy Chain fabric from Amy butler which I got at Cool Cottons. I didn’t have a pattern per se, but I did look a little at this and that to guide me through the process. Although mine didn’t come out perfect, the process was pretty easy. If you’re thinking about a first project and wanting to play around with your spring wardrobe, a wrap skirt is a really good way to go!


*pictures taken by PZ (my 3 year old daughter).

Ground Control



A couple of weeks ago, I offered to make a pair of the Jackie Clark “britches” for my daughter’s best friend E. His mom and I picked out the Robots – Printed Rockets- Baby Blue fabric from Free Spirit at Cool Cotton. This was my third pair of pants from the “bloomers and britches” pattern. My first pair of the britches, the difference being no ruffle on the bottom of the pant. I still think the crotch is too long on them, but they are super comfy and cute. This isn’t that great a picture, but the kids are starting to get savvy to what that box with the light is that Mama Emily holds up to her eye. The only way I could get him to pose was to give him PZ’s camera and let him take pictures of me taking pictures of him. Who doesn’t have a least one of those in their album? Tres artistic!

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Missing Your Mustache?

My good friend Beth absolutely adores mustaches. Always on the lookout for a ‘stache to add to her stash, I was perusing Etsy.com and came up with this little list. So on this Monday before April Fools Day, get hip to the hairy upper lip tip and settle in for some mustache must haves.

First up is Melanie Favreau. She has this great “incognito” ring. I’ve been trying to convince Beth to get a tattooed mustache on her finger, but this would work, too.

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Cowgirl Small and Frog Britches

I should have posted this a while ago, but am just getting to it now. End of January, I had little Hannah’s third birthday to make something for. I wanted to try my hand at a simple sewing project, my first in two years, and I remembered that one of Hannah’s favorite books was Cowboy Small by Lois Lenski. I found Jackie Clark’s Britches and Bloomers pattern and some cute cowgirl fabric from Fabric Depot. Not only were these the first pants I’d ever made, it was also my first experience making ruffles. It was actually pretty easy! My favorite part of the project though, was the pockets. I am quickly realizing just how important using an iron is to press as you go.
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