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Ground Control



A couple of weeks ago, I offered to make a pair of the Jackie Clark “britches” for my daughter’s best friend E. His mom and I picked out the Robots – Printed Rockets- Baby Blue fabric from Free Spirit at Cool Cotton. This was my third pair of pants from the “bloomers and britches” pattern. My first pair of the britches, the difference being no ruffle on the bottom of the pant. I still think the crotch is too long on them, but they are super comfy and cute. This isn’t that great a picture, but the kids are starting to get savvy to what that box with the light is that Mama Emily holds up to her eye. The only way I could get him to pose was to give him PZ’s camera and let him take pictures of me taking pictures of him. Who doesn’t have a least one of those in their album? Tres artistic!

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Missing Your Mustache?

My good friend Beth absolutely adores mustaches. Always on the lookout for a ‘stache to add to her stash, I was perusing Etsy.com and came up with this little list. So on this Monday before April Fools Day, get hip to the hairy upper lip tip and settle in for some mustache must haves.

First up is Melanie Favreau. She has this great “incognito” ring. I’ve been trying to convince Beth to get a tattooed mustache on her finger, but this would work, too.

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Cowgirl Small and Frog Britches

I should have posted this a while ago, but am just getting to it now. End of January, I had little Hannah’s third birthday to make something for. I wanted to try my hand at a simple sewing project, my first in two years, and I remembered that one of Hannah’s favorite books was Cowboy Small by Lois Lenski. I found Jackie Clark’s Britches and Bloomers pattern and some cute cowgirl fabric from Fabric Depot. Not only were these the first pants I’d ever made, it was also my first experience making ruffles. It was actually pretty easy! My favorite part of the project though, was the pockets. I am quickly realizing just how important using an iron is to press as you go.
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Weekend Bloomers

Last night I finished my Heather Ross, Weekend project, only a couple of weekends (and one week day) late. I am so excited about these bloomers because they are so so so cute and they actually fit both my 8 month old with her cloth diaper and my 3 year old. Yay! I used this really cute red and white stripped fabric from Wilmington’s Back Porch Prints series and now I totally want to do them in green and white and blue and white stripes. I think I’m either going to make the smock from Amy Karol‘s, Bend the Rules Sewing book or the little swing top from Kitschy Coo to go with the bloomers. Ah…so many projects and so little time!

Q is holding herself up here!

Q is holding herself up here!

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Rainy Day Roundup

Since I’m eating Sundrops, which is highly appropriate since in typical Portland fashion it is rainy and sunny all at the same time, and procrastinating, I decided that a shout out to all the crafty artists who’ve made the great handmade gifts we’ve received this year would both take some time and be an inspiration. Continue reading

Queen for a day or Turning the Big 3

I can’t believe my baby is 3 already! We had family in to celebrate and although we didn’t have her party until the Sunday after her birthday, on the actual day we did have lunch at Airplay Cafe. The girls enjoyed the band, Josh and Blake, and we all got to eat and dance and sing along. They had one song in particular called Ten Toes which was especially cute.

PZ in her birthday crown with cousin Lauren

PZ in her birthday crown with cousin Lauren

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Brown: the color of love


We made regular paper Valentines with catchy notes like, “Hello. How are you doing?” (my three year old’s version of a love note), but these heart shaped crayons were a big hit with the kids and the parents. I found a silicone muffin tin with heart shaped holes at our local Fred Meyer‘s and got a basket-full of old broken crayons at SCRAP. Then with the help of PZ and Hubby, we broke and sorted all the crayons, microwaved them, and poured them into the muffin tin. They popped right out after cooling and are totally cute!

Disclaimer: If you have an old microwave, like really on its last legs, this project could do it in. Um…and feel free to tell your Hubby I said so. It was REALLY old. And we needed a new one anyway. 🙂