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Beginning of Fall – Tuesday Thinking

This soup looks great! I’ve already made this and this in the last few days. I’m so happy to be making soup again! Yay fall!! Family Fun isn’t a site I frequent, but I found these great soup recipes on Pinterest and am delighted I gave them a try. 

I have a friend who swears by drinking ACV everyday, so I thought I’d try it. This recipe was WOW! something else. If you can get past the vinegar taste and the burning lips from the cinnamon not mixing in, it’s actually not so bad. 

We’re all back to school now and the kids both have several extra curricular activities. I realized last week while waiting through gymnastics that sitting and playing Trivie on my iphone was only going to be fun for so long. I needed something to help me feel productive. I’m easing in with this creative project. Yes, I am now that crazy woman with yarn sitting poolside during swim class.

What projects are you thinking about this week with the first sights and scents of autumn in the air?

A Not Too Tough Cuff

On Saturday, after our New Year’s Eve brunch, I walked to get a chai latte to counteract all the mimosas. I forgot my mittens and so was forced to consider getting one of those paper cuffs to keep from burning my hands off. I opted not too. Those kinds of casual wastes just frustrate me. Instead I spent the walk home juggling my chai and coming up with a solution to my problem.

Before thinking too long and hard, I realized two things. One, it would be nice to have a chai cuff that was also a bracelet so I hopefully wouldn’t forget it as I had the mittens. And two, such a practical and creative idea had to have been done already. I took a spin around the web and found I was right!

I came across Trish’s tutorial on her blog, Genuine Mudpie. It was a really fast and easy project and super satisfying to not burn my hands when I pulled my chai out of the microwave this afternoon.  While it is a complete coincidence that my cuff is basically the same colors as hers, they look great and just happened to be the best yarn and buttons for the project. I had to add an extra set of buttons to mine so I could have the longer length needed to use with a glass jar; my normal mug.

I really like these simple, quick to complete projects. I’m taking a trip soon and want to take some more easy, no hassle crafts to do while I’m traveling . Any suggestions?

The Unmotivational

How Sweet It Is Oatmeal Peanut Butter Snack Squares (with chocolate chips! and found on Pinterest)


I don’t bake enough bar cookies. I always forget how good they are and I’m pretty sure the girls are going to think I’m awesome right around snack time. I’ve been baking a lot recently. This week I baked my tried and true pumpkin bread (with chocolate chips! Are you sensing a theme here?), banana bread muffins, and the snack bars.

Last week, I made these yummy Crusty Baguettes. They took only 30 minutes to make! Slight verge from recipe, I used whole wheat pastry dough because that was all I had. Still, and maybe even more so, easy and crusty and good!

It’s definitely autumn here in Portland. We’ve got wet, wet, wet and a little more wet just in case you missed the first three dousings. With the chill, I’ve been inspired already this week to make Italian Sausage Tortellini Soup (using our own heirloom tomatoes that finally came up around the beginning of the month!) and baked spaghetti (using Hub’s tomato sauce that we canned last month). I chose to wing it this week without creating a meal plan or shopping list.  Actually way more fun for me if not 100 times harder.

Oh, well. As you may have noticed, there hasn’t been much sewing done around here. I finally have the time to work and I am so unmotivated even going in my studio, much less sitting behind the machine, feels like a chore. Bleh! So I’m getting my creative expression out mostly in the kitchen these days.

That doesn’t mean I’m not still sewing some. I’ve started making the girls’ costumes, TinkerBell and Peter Pan, and I’ve been taking a clothing pattern, drafting, draping, and construction class so I’m currently working on making a muslin for an a-line skirt there. I also started crocheting a sweater for Q and now just need sit down and do it. Online, I’ve signed up for onegirl’s handprinted: a fabric swap (you should too!) and Jenn and I just need to make a date to do some handprinting. Anyone else interested in having a party out of it?

So that’s what I’m working on. How about you? Are you cooking anything I might need the recipe or link to? Working on any projects I need to know about?

Must Make Monday – Home Projects for My Late Summer/Early Fall

My first two projects are from twogirlzstuff. I saw the vintage hanky curtain on pinterest and when I went to go see what was there the above map covered tins caught my eye.  The curtain will be great for my kitchen window. If anyone has any vintage hankies they are willing to part with I would love to swap some vintage fabric for some. 

I’ve recently reorganized my jewelry and right now all my earrings are just chilling in a lidded porcelain box. Something like this cool idea from Modish would really come in handy.

 I like this woodsy hanger tutorial from The Maize Hutton Blog. It would be great for my photo shoots and for displaying some dresses on the girl’s walls. Plus I’d get to use power tools!

I’ve been meaning to make some of these potluck bowl covers for awhile. maya*made shows ya how to do it just in time for those late season picnics and get togethers.

Megan over at Ohdeedoh shows you how to make a hanging book display. My girls are in a bunk bed so I think this would work nicely in lieu of a bedside table.

Laura Normandin over at Wren Handmade had the great idea to make one of these oilcloth fabric table placemats. I’ll have to do a circle one, but I should be able to figure that out.

Better Homes and Gardens has a how-to for these really fun vintage tin organizers. Wonderful for the studio, living room, girl’s room, wherever and once again power tools!

I’m thinking this basket from Pickles will be good for getting me back into crocheting this fall. Might just have to make a few of these!

I love these memory jars from Martha Stewart. The girls and I collected a TON of seashells from our WA trips this summer and I think this would be a fun project to do with the girls before school starts.

Valentines for our Peeps and two new crochet WIPs

Here are the Valentines we made for the girls’ classmates. The first one is PZ’s. She helped me cut out all the hearts and glue them on. We did 6 different knock knock jokes.



Quinby helped make hers too. She glued the eyes on and told me which valentine went to which classmate. Then we used my butterfly shaped paper cutter to cut a bunch of paper butterflies out and spent about 30 minutes putting little butterflies on our noses and then blowing them off. She thought this was hilarious. Truth be told, so did I. Ah…hanging out with a two year old can be so nice sometimes.

In other news, two nights ago I found this crochet pattern on etsy and had to buy it. I’ve been looking for the perfect kitty tutorial to use for PZ”s Jenny Linsky doll. This reminds me of the Bla Bla dolls which I’ve always loved but never felt like spending all the dough on.

Another crochet project I’m working on is this one. I’ve started it three times now, (I’ve never crocheted in a ring before, so I’m trying to figure that out.) and have had to undo it three times. Luckily my friend Jenn is letting me come over for a lesson tonight. I know once I get it I’m going to be like, duh, but as of right now I’m like, argh!

Crochet Complete

I finally (it only took me like three weeks!) finished my crochet WIP. It was Hubs’ idea to make the pockets orange. I was going to do them in red. This was a really fun project. I’d never done the fpdc or bpdc before and I’ve decided I really like that stitch. I think I’m going to make a hat next. I’ll let you know!

Embroidery Hoop Art WIP + Taco Soup

I’ve been so inspired by all the great embroidery hoop art that is everywhere right now, so I finally started a piece of my own. I’m kind of juggling many WIPs right now. This is still just at the beginning stages, but I wanted to show you what I’m doing. I have no idea why, probably because I’m just crazy, but this green and white fabric always makes me think of the Sweedish Navy. Maybe just what I think the Sweedish Navy uniforms should look like. Did I mention we’ve been reading a LOT of Pippi lately?

All in all I’ve had a pretty successful day today. I got in a jog this morning (7 blocks counts, right?), I am just pockets and buttons away from finishing my Sewn With Love first project, got another few rows on my scarf done and remembered that my professed dislike of cooking omits the fact that I actually really enjoy making soup. I saw this soup today and just had to try it.

Taco Soup with a few of my own additions, (I used Hubs’ homemade chicken stock instead of 2 cups of water, and I added two small carrots, peeled and cut into rounds, and sliced red and yellow bell peppers.) It was really good! I served it with a pear, goat cheese, and greens salad and tortilla chip. I also put avacado, sour cream, and a some mexican shredded cheese on top. Hubs didn’t even mind that it was turkey instead of beef. This soup is a keeper. Have a great weekend!

WIP: Crochet

I am currently making this from a pdf pattern I bought from rachelscrochet. I’m using Lion Cotton yarn. This is the first crocheting project I’ve done in probably 6 years. So far so good. Its all coming back to me. 27 rows in, only 112 to go!