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Must Make Monday – Not your usual holiday decorations



Q and I made one of these today. It was super simple, although cutting the doll out was too hard for her little 4 year old hands. She could do the snowflake tutu just fine. She added a little paint to hers.


I think these orange slices would be perfect for our annual Winter Solstice Party.


These dressed up mason jars would be lovely for the party as well and so simple to recreate.


This glitter village is glorious! And it’s made from cereal boxes! I think I might have to do a glitter village making craft instead of a gingerbread house this year.


I have been going crazy for string art the past few months, but still haven’t tried my hand at it. This little doozy may just be the project. I LOVE STARS!


Alright, for the crafter who likes to use the big tools, here’s the project for you. Yet another one that would be great for Winter Solstice! These cone trees would look great as a centerpiece, on the mantel, or even alone.


This last one doesn’t have a tutorial with it, but if you are in need of a felted ball tutorial drop me a line and I’ll send you to a couple of good ones. I’ve made a few felt balls in my time and have been meaning to set up a little sweatshop, ahem!, I mean workshop with the kiddos to get some made for holiday decorations. Not sure why they didn’t just string these balls up with a needle and thread, but all the colors sure do look pretty!

What crafts are you making this holiday season?

Tuesday Thinking

Just some things I’ve got on my mind…

If it’s good enough for Julia Child...

This looks scrumptious. I think I actually like almond milk better than cow’s. Just saying…

Homemade pillow pets? PZ would like this I think…

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The girls and I had a good time today hot glueing all sorts of random bits and pieces to bobbi pins. A little disappointed that I wouldn’t actually let her handle the glue gun, PZ was mollified when the camera came out and she got to do some modeling. That little firecracker loves the camera some days!

Q on the other hand wanted nothing to do with the camera and I had to bribe her by saying I wouldn’t help her make more clips unless I got at least ONE shot. It worked!

We used buttons, fuzzy pom poms, butterfly cupcake toppers, and googily eyes to make our hair clip masterpieces. PZ was so proud she even took one to her (male) piano teacher. He opted to use his googily eyed bobbi as a bookmark. Hmmm… what a great idea!

Must Make Monday – El Cinco de Mayo Revisited

El Cinco de Mayo is one of our favorite holidays around here. May 5th, 1995 marks when Hubs and I first got together. 16 years! We’ve been together almost half of our lives. Whew!

Well, if you like to celebrate this fun holiday too, here are some great tutorials to help you out. Make sure to check out the ones I gathered two years ago.

Margarita popsicles from Hostess Blog.

Plantain Chips and Guacamole Dip from The Vegan Stoner

Mini Pinatas from One Charming Party

Annie’s Eats Margarita Cupcakes

No tutorial, but I love the Sweetest Occasions Buenas Noches Fiesta handkerchief garlands. There are a bunch of great diy ideas for a great party on this site.

Must Make Monday – Cardboard

Last week I spotlighted some great tutorials for upcycling your vintage sheets. Now let’s look at your recycling bin for all the cardboard you’ve been tossing and see all the cool things we can make.

LIEr from ikat bag gives a wonderfully detailed tutorial on how to use cardboard as a building material. She then goes on to list 3 dozen different toy ideas to make once you’re ready, the boomerang and car are included. Terrific!

maya*made has some really great cardboard tutorials, too. Check out her cardboard easel and milk carton art caddy, (I’ll have to put that book on my look for list!), and her children’s table and chairs made from her own design.

Robert Maher, whom you may recognize from such greats at MaherDrygoods.com and the Junior Society, has done these wonderful crafts for Cuties mandarin oranges. This doll bed is adorable and now I wish I’d saved more of my Cuties boxes. Next year!

Joel Henriques of madebyjoel is another one of my favorite crafty gentlemen and he does lots of cool cardboard toys, like these cat and dog box pull toys and this imaginative marionette.

If you are still looking for more things to do to reduce that cardboard pile by reusing it into something fantastic, especially for your kiddos, check out The Crafty Crow‘s cardboard section. Pretty grand! Enjoy and try not to get a paper cut, will ya!


Must Make Monday – For the Kids’ Room

I may be a bit biased, but I think this weeks must make list is particularly inventive and creative. Not because of anything I’ve done, but because of the truly inspiring crafty ideas from these wonderful bloggers. Each one makes me want to get crafting and I know they are items my kids, AND YOURS, will love! Enjoy and happy spring to everyone!

People with those unresellable recalled cribs take notice! Notes From a Very Red Kitchen had the great idea for upcycling your old crib into a chalkboard easel.

Part of Ashley’s MISTER Make it and Love it series, she’s put up this great tutorial for a cardboard guitar! Rockin’!

Do you know what happens when I sit on a bunch of cute tutorials? You get three from the same crafty blog! Here are three great tutes from one of my favorite blogs, Giddy Giddy. This first one is her super cool fashion paper dolls. (Note to traveling families: I bought a book of punch out paper dolls for my 2 and 5 year old girls and it kept them busy for a good hour on the airplane back from Hawaii. Think how much longer this little project would take. Just a thought!)

These cool characters are actually coat hooks. How awesome is that! I totally want to create some of these.

Last, but certainly no least, are Giddy Giddy’s beautiful handmade kites. I’m sure these are great for flying on one of these blustery March days, but I think they’d be just as cool hanging from the ceiling above my daughters’ bed.

If your kiddos aren’t into paper dolls, maybe these felt ones would do the trick. Smile and Wave shows us how to make a felt board and gives templates for creating the dolls and clothes.

For even more felt board fun, check out this more toddler friendly wall board and shapes by Red Shoe Girl.

Some folk’s creativity is so inspiring. Matstake and this stuffed fox lamp is a great example. Just think what you could do with an idea like this!

This toadstool stool tutorial from Tao of Craft is adorable and would be a great addition to any kid’s room. Maybe now that it’s spring you could even take this great stool outside for a Tao of Tea party!

Must Make Monday – Spring is Just Around the Corner

Spring! Even the word seems happy. Every year, around this time, I start to feel itchy waiting for spring to arrive. Each newly spotted bloom is a fresh reminder that soon the sun will come back and life will begin again. If you’re like me and ready for spring, then this Must Make Monday should fill you with inspiration.

Whether spring brings to mind thoughts of bunnies and chicks, flowers and fresh produce, floral prints and pastels, or even rain boots and frilly umbrellas, this list has something for everyone.

Make a paper mache boat with Ann Wood and sail it through a spring shower.


Let Martha show you how to paint the inside of your vases to make the most of your spring bouquets.

Cami at You Seriously Made That?!? shows us how to crochet a beautiful flower headband that will put us in a spring frame of mind.

She’s Got a Passion for Fashion and she wants to give your wardrobe a lift by showing you how to make a fantastic Peter Pan collar.

Your little rabbit can hop right into spring with these clever dress up ears. Stacy from Hart and Sew will show you how, you just need to bring your imagination.

These pom poms bring cheer to your house while you wait those last few weeks for the flowers to bloom. Clean out your closet and Craftaholics Anonymous can show you how to make them out of old tee shirts.

Speaking of spring cleaning, Macheesmo shows you how to do it the natural way with 4 great cleaning fluid recipes. Add some lavender oil and let the scent whisk you away to a spring meadow.

Craft Knife knows how to get your kids up and out the door this spring. Give’em wings! Make beautiful butterfly wings out of wire hangers and old clothes.

This great dress from Me Sew Crazy is enough to give anyone spring fever! Make one for your little girl and watch her twirl.

Think about refashioning some of your winter wardrobe to beat those winter blues and spring into a fresh new cardigan with help from Ruffles and Stuff.

Even when it feels like you can’t chase those clouds away, just remember that April showers bring May flowers. While we wait for those, wear one of these cute felt rain clouds, from Bugs and Fishes, on your coat and know that spring is just around the corner!

Must Make Monday – Upcycled

Hubs and I were talking debt today. Eeeekkkk! Nuff said.


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