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KCWC – Day 6

It’s kind of like if you give a mouse a cookie, only in this case its if you make one of your daughters a princess dress you can be pretty sure the other one will pout until you make her one too. Thus, day 6 of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge was dedicated to making a princess dress for Miss PZ.

(This picture is horrible, but I couldn’t get her to stop watching her favorite documentary, Babies. Both girls love that movie). The skirt of the dress is a really great double gauze cotton with Tink and Peter Pan on it. (Another favorite movie). The top is the same blue linen I used for sister’s sleeves yesterday only I’ve used alternating hot pink and pearl pink thread for the shirring and I used a pink and white striped linen for the straps. The purple sequined sheer fabric I gathered at the ends and sewed on as part of the strap so they hang down her shoulder a bit. Best I could do to add a bit of sparkle. I’m hoping to add wings to both girls dresses, but don’t have any wire (and no, I don’t have wire hangers either. We wouldn’t want it to get too Mommy Dearest over here).

Quinby wore her princess dress out and about today, so I’m no longer concerned that it will spend more time on the floor than on her body. Of course, that means the dress is already in the wash after having had OJ and pancakes liberally applied to the front of its skirt.

In other news, look what I got last night. Bangs! I’ve never had short bangs before and I’m totally in love with them. Yay! BTW: My best gal pal Cory from Freecycle Jewelry made my fascinator. You can check out some of her stuff locally at House of Vintage.

KCWC – Day 5

I was having such a hard time getting Quinby to wear the dresses I made on Day 3. All she wants to wear are princess dresses, so I caved. I saw this dress (for over $100) and thought it was lovely without being over the top.

This is my rendition – Understated Princess.

It was pretty simple to make. Two tubes, a bit of shirring,  and some pleated sleeves. The sleeves are a periwinkle blue linen, the skirt is a moon fabric that I got many moons ago for Quinby and couldn’t figure out what to make with it, and the top is a scrap of pink and gray polka dot I found in my scrap box. I used silver and pewter colored thread.

I REALLY loved how she put it on and cooed, “I’m a princess!”, as she twirled.

Of course, she still pulled it off and dumped it on the floor 10 minutes later in favor of some polyester ruffly dress we got at the resale shop. Drat!

If you missed any of the days in my challenge, check out days 1,2,3, and 4 of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge.

Elsie Marley’s KCWC – Day 2

After the great shorts fiasco yesterday, I decided to switch over to tops. I did this little top to “go” with the sailboat shorts I made on Sunday. I had seen this picture from katie did‘s blog when she first posted it and the little shorts are actually what I liked about it, but the ruffle on the top caught my attention as well. So I just decided to free hand a similar top and it came out a little strange, but wearable.

The straps still need some adjustment. PZ wasn’t feeling particularly willing to stand around trying the shirt on over and over again. Unfortunately, she gets super freaked out when trying clothes on with pins, so I end up sewing it before I have her try it on and having to redo it several times before I get it right.

I also almost finished an apron top for PZ, but we had friends come over for burgers on the grill. Yeah! It is finally starting to get nice enough to eat outside! Sunny Portland days here we come!

Must Make Monday: Kids Clothes for KCWC

I’m very excited for Elsie Marley’s Kids Clothes Week Challenge. I’m planning on making the bulk of my girls’ spring/summer wardrobes this week. Yay! All last week I’ve been pinning tutorials and inspiration photos and am ready to start sewing. In case you are just hearing about KCWC or are still trying to find that perfect piece to sew, here are a few of the tutorials I’ve been considering.

Schwin & Schwin’s Petal Sleeve TopMakin’ It ImMACKulate’s Summer TopPrudent Baby’s Pillowcase Dress

Everyday Chaos’ Apron Dress

From an Igloo’s Shirred Twirly Dress

Me Sew Crazy’s Old School Shorts

Sewing for Scarlett’s Smock Top

Day 2

Day 2 of the elsie marley‘s kids clothes work challenge produced big girl bloomers!


There were no jumpsuits in sight, but I’ll keep trying and hopefully by the end of the week have at least one pair made. I worked about 2 1/2 hours today with a lot of stops and starts to hang out with PZ (I sew during Q’s nap). She asked me a few weeks ago, why they didn’t make bloomers in her size (4-5). Voila!

This red polka dot fabric is a Sevenberry remnant that I picked up at Fashion Depot at 50% off a reduced rate on almost a yard. The black and white striped is a vintage remnant that I got at the Knittn’ Kitten. I’m hoping to make a shirt out of this Michael Miller High As A Kite fabric tomorrow to go with it.

Day 1

If you’re wondering what’s up with the title, I’m talking about elsie marley‘s kids clothes week challenge.  I worked more than my alloted one hour today (more like 5) because I wanted to finish these 6 pairs of boys pants I started over a week ago. Phew! Porkchop pocket-ed clam diggers done. Perhaps I should call them Pigs by Sea or When Pigs Swim. What do you think?

12 mos

12 mos

When I did the Rieke Art Fair two weekends ago I got a lot of feedback from Mamas with young boys. So here’s my answer to, “where’s your stuff for boys?” I’ve got sizes 12mos to 5 and will be selling these at the Stephenson Art Fair on the 19th. Tomorrow I can start working on something for the girls again. I declare jumpsuit season begins tomorrow. Stay tuned!

18 mos

18 mos

24 mos

24 mos