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Other than braid my hair to keep the sneezes out of it, I haven’t done anything crafty in a few days. I’d been fighting a spring cold for a few weeks now and finally lost.

One nice thing is this cutie Emily Martin pin that my 5 year old bought for me to let me know that I’m loved and that she is sorry I’m feeling bad. What could be sweeter?! I’m a proud Mama even if I am under the weather.

Hope your Monday is going better than mine and I’ll be back as soon as I can with some exciting news. Stay tuned!

Inspiration Wednesday – In the Neighborhood


Collette Patterns are supper sweet!
Sarai Mitnick has designed classic, vintage inspired pieces for women size 0-18 to make, wear, and adore for years. This is one of those situations where I’m sitting around really cherishing the experience of finding something new and then I roll it around and discover it comes from my own back yard. Sarai is a Portland girl, too! What can I say, Portland rocks! 🙂 Continuing on with that theme…


… there’s Emily Martin from Black Apple. I’ve loved her work for a couple of years now after discovering her illustrations on Etsy while I was decorating the nursery for my first daughter, Pannonica.


These are some of her new dolls. You might have seen her on the Martha Stewart show awhile back making dolls. She is another Portland, gal. Yay! I just love her work and am seriously considering trying to sew one of those dolls myself.


She also, I’m just discovering, has a fashion blog called Some Girls Wander by Mistake. So glad I decided to write this post, because now I have some new inspiration, too! Hope that gets you over the hump, happy crafting!