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Show Some Love Portlanders!

Knittn’ Kitten, located at 7530 N.E. Glisan St., is one of those great little shops that nobody knows about, but everybody should. A thrift fabric/craft store that always has what I need and cool stuff I didn’t even know I wanted. Vintage fabrics galore and great prices, definitely one of my favorite spots in town. So when I heard from Sister Diane and Lee that the Kitten was having troubles I jetted right over and took one for the team. Ha! Spending money is never a hardship at the Kitten. 

Times are hard for everyone, but Knittn’ Kitten apparently had a ROUGH August. Let’s make sure they have a great September and the rest of the year. You know with Halloween and Christmas coming up you’re going to need quality, low priced crafts and fabrics. Do your part Portlanders and show the Kitten some love!

Check out my latest acquisitions:

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