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Sewn With Love Sew Along (Button-Through Dress)- Section 1 Making Up the Yoke

For those of you who are just tuning in, I’m doing a sew along for Fiona Bell’s Sewn With Love Book. This is step 1 of the Button-Through Dress. I have already given the cutting instructions here.

I've matched up the shoulders and sewn up the seams

First thing you want to do, after ironing all your yoke pieces, is match the shoulders right sides together and pin the front pieces to the back. Sew along the shoulder seams with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Repeat for the yoke lining. You should now have what is pictured above.

I've pressed my shoulder seams

Now press your shoulders seams open, then fold and press the bottom of each yoke 1/4 inch to the wrong side.

I've folded and pressed the edges of my yoke

I've basted the neckline of my yoke

Put the wrong sides together then baste the yoke and lining together around the neckline. Pin and baste your length of broderie anglaise trim along the bottom edges of the front yoke pieces (this is optional. In my first dress I used ric-rak instead). The right side of the top edge of the trim should be facing the wrong side of the bottom edge of the outer front yoke.

I've pinned the top of the lace to the bottom edge of the yoke

I've sewn the lace onto the yoke and flipped the edges under.

I've finished making up the yoke

Sewn with Love – the sew along review

I saw Fiona Bell’s (Their Nibs) book, Sewn with Love, on Sew, Mama, Sew last November and immediately looked it up and bought it on Amazon. I was so excited. This book looked like just what I needed to expand my sewing kids clothes knowledge and help me refine my style with all the little vintage details. These are exactly the kinds of clothes I like my girls to wear and didn’t look intimidating like the few vintage patterns I’ve picked up and tried to decipher.

Now its the New Year and I have time to sit down and see if this book is as good as it looks. There is only 1 review on Amazon as I’m writing this and I’m a bit confused as to why. Usually these sewing/craft books are blogged about like crazy. I’m thinking maybe its because Fiona doesn’t have much of a web presence. At least no blog that I can find. She is on twitter, so I’ll probably let her know how this little experiment goes.

The book covers sizes 0-3 months to 7-8 years and has patterns for boys and girls and even a quilt and a few toys. It has four sections – Babies, Playtime, Parties, and Bedtime. I have no babies anymore so I’m going to skip that section, but other than that I’m going to attempt to try all the patterns in the book. Sounds like fun, right?!? Like a Julie & Julia kind of thing. If you’ve done or want to do any/all of the baby patterns I’d love to hear from you and of course I’d love it if anyone out there would like to sew/craft along. Feel free to join in. I consider myself an intermediate sewer and it would be nice to have someone to bounce questions off of.

I’m having Hubs print out the Button-Through Dress and the Dirndl Skirt today so will be starting work tonight.