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Brown: the color of love


We made regular paper Valentines with catchy notes like, “Hello. How are you doing?” (my three year old’s version of a love note), but these heart shaped crayons were a big hit with the kids and the parents. I found a silicone muffin tin with heart shaped holes at our local Fred Meyer‘s and got a basket-full of old broken crayons at SCRAP. Then with the help of PZ and Hubby, we broke and sorted all the crayons, microwaved them, and poured them into the muffin tin. They popped right out after cooling and are totally cute!

Disclaimer: If you have an old microwave, like really on its last legs, this project could do it in. Um…and feel free to tell your Hubby I said so. It was REALLY old. And we needed a new one anyway. 🙂