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Project 52: Show and Tell

Every year for Christmas I give each girl a photo album to help them remember the year we’ve just completed. These albums also make wonderful gifts to give the grandmothers so its essentially a twofer! While making the albums this year, it struck me that a similar book or perhaps a calendar made from photos of the kids’ art/handmade items would also be a cherished gift and a much easier way of archiving their work.

So, with that in mind, I give you my own Project 52: Show and Tell. Every week I’ll post a piece of artwork or something handmade from either one or both girls. By the end of year, creating a calendar of their work should be a snap. If you want to join in the fun on your own blog, please just link back to this page. I’ve also started a flickr group where non bloggers and bloggers alike should feel free to post their kids’ artwork.

Feather Art


Week 1 is a contribution from my two year old, Quinby. This is a feather painting done at her preschool.

The Experiment Begins

My 2009 New Year’s resolution is a pledge to give only handmade gifts this year. I’ve been buying handmade more and more since having my first child in 2006 partly because I love having original, one of a kind toys and clothes for my girls and also because I want to support the artists in the arts and crafts movement. Now, it will be my turn to take inspiration from those artists and create something on my own. Very exciting! Especially when you factor in that most of these gifts will be for children, which is perfect for me for while my creative mind is stocked full, my creative ability has some room in the larder.

The criteria for these gifts will be that the item/project must be something my daughter PZ, who is almost 3, can help with. The supplies for the project can’t cost more then I would spend on a store bought gift, thus saving me money. And the gift must be something enjoyable for both the giver, i.e. me, to make, and the recipient to receive. So far, we’ve made playdough for a little guy in PZ’s preschool class who was turning 3. It was fun, simple enough that PZ could participate in every aspect of its creation, and extremely cost efficient. Yay!

We’ve been invited to another birthday party on the 15th of February. PZ’s own birthday is on the 20th of that month and I know of at least 5 other birthdays we’ll probably be invited to between now and May. So stay tuned to find out how the adventure goes. I’m thinking next might be recycled crayons; zero cost, mucho fun.

Also as a way to give back to our local arts and crafts community and help support those that have inspired me so much, I will be striving to profile some of my favorite local craftspeople. I look forward to sharing their work and perhaps even their words with you, (if I can get anyone to let me interview them).

Earth Friendly Play Dough

* 1 cup flour (not self-rising)
* 1/2 cup salt
* 1 cup water
* 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
* 1-1/2 teaspoons cream of tartar

Mix in saucepan over low heat. (It does not have to heat long.) Dough is ready when it rolls into a ball. Keep dough fresh in an airtight container. If you need to make different colors, add food coloring while mixing over heat.

*recipe from teachnet.com
**We made our gift extra special by including with it cookie cutters letters that spelled out the boys name.