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O Bloomers

These are the little bloomers I made for my friend Anne’s daughter, Opal. She is 10 months old and I’m hoping these will last her through the summer and perhaps even into next. All the ones I made last year seem to still be fitting the same bottoms for another year. Sweet!

The fabric is Riley Blake and the tag is a temporary until I get my labels made. Something that should have been done by now, but is taking longer than I’d like. Oh well. I’m also making a little ruffly sleeved tank to go with it out of Michael Miller’s Who’s Hoot fabric. I did this one with coral thread and am now thinking I should redo it in the same aqua thread I used for the bloomers. What do you think?

Tuesday Review – Keyka Lou Patterns

I recently finished two projects using Keyka Lou‘s patterns – the business card wallet and the passport sleeve. Both were very easy to make. I think the only thing I had a problem with on the passport sleeve was sewing in a straight line. Ack!

The wallet was a tad trickier, but the pattern and tutorial were great. My one point of confusion was the optional invisible lining. I chose to use it and didn’t feel like it was explained well enough where and when exactly it should be used. I figured it out though without too much trouble. I’m just the kind of person who likes EVERYTHING spelled out for me in a tutorial. I can’t think of too many tutorials that do that. This one comes pretty darn close! If I were going to do it again I’d probably place my velcro slightly lower, but that was my mistake, not Michelle’s (Keyka Lou’s designer).  

I’m giving both of these as gifts. They are actually in the mail as I write this. A few months ago on Facebook I took the I will make you something challenge. Basically I agreed to post a note saying I’d make something for the first 5 people who responded so long as they were willing to do the same. It is like a pay it forward kind of thing. Anyway, this is what I did to fulfill two of my nifty giftys. 

Keyka Lou business card wallet