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My Nifty Gifties Project Complete and My 100th Post Giveaway!!

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I finally finished my facebook I will make you something challenge. I made this bracelet/pincushion for my friend Yancey. I got the how-to out of Jenny Ryan‘s Sew Darn Cute book. I call this the silver lining bracelet. It seemed appropriate as we are headed into Portland’s rainy season. Plus, she’s my crafty buddy. Yay!

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I Was Featured!

What a lovely present to come home to. My quilt was featured on Kireei, a Spanish site that showcases crafts, home decor, photography, and the like. So flattering! Of course, I don’t speak a lick of Spanish so I can’t read the actual post. Oh well! Still a sweet ending to a relaxing vacation at the beach.

Speaking of ending, my Remember Your First? giveaway is still happening. You’ve got until tomorrow, so don’t miss out!

Sunset on the beach in Pacific City, Oregon

Sunset on the beach in Pacific City, Oregon

Remember Your First?

In honor of my first quilt, I’ve decided to do a giveaway. I’m not sure what exactly the prize will be yet, but I promise it will be something good! To get in on the fun just leave a link to a picture of your first quilt or quilting project. If you’ve never taken the leap but are planning on it, you can still enter to win by leaving a link to a quilt you’ve been thinking of trying or a quilting tutorial you’ve been eyeing.


I’m going to the Coast for a long weekend (THANK GOODNESS!) and will be back on Tuesday, so I’ll let it run until Tuesday the 29th, midnight PST and will announce the winner on Wednesday. I’m really excited to see everyone’s work! Have a great weekend!!

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comment #29 – Kristen of kristen.larrabee@gmail.com said, “The first thing I ever made was a flannel, tied blanket. Now I love sewing and creating things for my home and for others!”.

Thanks so much Kristen for sharing your love of handmade with us and thanks to everybody who took the time to enter! I really enjoyed your stories and comments, so much so that I’ve done a little reader appreciation post called Must Read Monday. Check out some of The Handmade Experiment’s reader’s blogs!! And stay tuned, for more reader’s blogs and lots of other cool stuff this week including a new category called Your Tip for Tuesday.

May Giveaway Day – Beginning Sewing


If you’ve been following along you’ll know all about the Handmade Experiment and how back in January I committed myself to making all the gifts I give this year. So far this has involved some baking and woodworking and a LOT of sewing. I had done a bit of sewing before – some pillows and the lining for a crocheted bag I made for a friend, but nothing like what I’ve done this year – tote bags, kid’s clothes, costumes, and even some plushies.

My hubs says he’s really proud of me. I’m proud of me, too! Sewing and creating for myself and friends and family is something that I’ve always wished I could do. I thought it would be so hard, but its not. My best piece of advice: start out simple. Sure you want to made retro swing dresses that fit you perfectly, but why not start with a cute tote or wrap skirt? One success will give you the confidence to move on the the next project and the next. Before you know it, your friends will be asking you to sew stuff for them!

For those who are letting their lack of a machine get in the way, check out your local fabric stores and crafty shops. You might find that there are sewing machines you can rent or a space you can go to work on your project. If you live in Portland or the surrounding area, check out DIY Alert! for a map of crafty spots around town and lists of classes.

Okay, so you might have picked up I’m big on promoting handmade. To prove I’m not all talk and to be a part of the May Giveaway Day spectacular that Sew, Mama, Sew! is throwing, The Handmade Experiment is reaching out to those sewing beginners and wish-I-coulders with an awesome sewing supplies giveaway from two great Portland designers!

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Need Some Free Inspiration? How about a Book Giveaway!

What? Monday’s post, Get Outta Here and Go Outside, didn’t have enough suggestions for things to make and do with your kiddos during the school break? You’re STILL scratching your head wondering how you’ll make it through those long summer days? Never fear. The Handmade Experiment is here with TWO books by Rae Grant, full of activities for you and your kids to do together. Hey, there’s even some they can do all on their own. Just think, you might have fun AND get that lazy summer afternoon you’ve been dreaming of all winter. Sounds good, right? Well, let me tell you, Rae was kind enough to send me a copy of Crafting Fun: 101 Things to Make and Do with Kids and it has simply been a joy to read.

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Must MAKE Monday

So I got the opportunity to see Handmade Nation, Faythe Lavine‘s documentary on the Handmade movement, this evening at the Portland Museum of Contemporary Craft. I sat from the first chords of “Hands On” during the opening credits all the way until the closing reel with a smile on my face, relishing the thought of seeing this film again.

As a nod to the movement, and in hopes of sharing just a shred of that feeling with you, I present Must MAKE Monday. Since my goal is to make all handmade gifts this year, and I don’t want any of those recipients to have the surprise ruined, all these Must Makes will be things I want to make for myself or my girls and not gift projects that I have planned.

how-to make a picnic blanket

how-to make a picnic blanket

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