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Park City Girl Fall Quilt Festival Pt. 3

If you haven’t checked out Pt.1 or Pt.2 you really should. This is Pt. 3 and the final installment of my Park City Girl Fall Quilt Festival favorites roundup. Enjoy! And make sure to check back on Monday. I’m going to be having an awesome giveaway to start this holiday season off right.
Picture 6Bumble Bean‘s Cheap Hotels Quilt – I love the concept and design on this one. So cool! Continue reading

Inspiration Wednesday – Gnome Again, Gnome Again

It is garden week here at The Handmade Experiment! Just in case you haven’t been following, make sure to check out Monday’s Must Have Garden Gear post for handmade items and tutorials. And don’t miss yesterday’s Botanical Creations – Artist Interview and Jewelry Giveaway post where we got to see Kathryn Sherwood’s gorgeous faerie and children’s gardens. Enchanting!

I had her gardens in mind as I scoured Etsy.com for just the right piece of inspiration to share on this Inspiration Wednesday. Looking high and low, imagine my surprise when suddenly I stumbled over one of these little guys. Next thing I knew they were popping out at me from all over the place. They may seem similar, but each one is as unique as they are recognizable. True icons! How was I to choose the best one?!?

After much hmmming and haawing, I’ve given up. So I’m calling on you, helpful reader, to choose the Gnumber 1 Gnome. The winner will get the joy of being Gnumber 1 and the rest will have to be happy just being gnominated. Just leave a comment telling me who your favorite is and on Friday, I’ll tally the votes and announce a winner. Make sure to check out the artist’s shops to see more great handmade items. Thanks for voting!


1. Dingogirl66’s Poppies and Gnome Pillow

2. Nikoart’s 2 Inch Light Gnome Rubber Stamp

3. Skribbly Kids’ Bill the Gnome in his Mushroom Garden Print

4. Barefoot Santas’ Hand Carved Miniature Gnome

5. Sarah Apple’s Block Print Gnome

6. Cutesypoo’s Spring Cone Gnome Plush