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Must Make Monday – Halloween, Holy *Beep* That’s Cool!

This Vegan Candy Corn just made my Halloween. Candy Corn is my favorite. Sure it’s a throw back, but I LOVE it! And this recipe is a lot healthier. Can’t wait to try it!

Parents‘ Spinning Spirits decorations look incredibly fun and not so hard that the kids can’t help. Now that they’re back in school, I’m really valuing our crafting time together and this seems like a perfect project we can do together to celebrate the holiday season.

Camilla from Family Chic made these awesome posable mummies for her kids and was sweet enough to make a tutorial so we can make one for ours. I’m thinking of putting a pink tutu on it. Quinby would love that!

Such a simple idea and easy craft and yet so, so cool. You cut scary eye shapes out of toilet paper rolls, stick a glow stick inside the cardboard tube, then tuck the lit tubes into the bushes and trees around your house for instant monsters/animals hiding in the dark. Yes! Thrifty Crafty Girl used orange light, but I’m thinking yellow or green for mine.

Artist unkown, I saw this on Pinterest and got excited. These are really great, but not so scary that they’ll frighten my girls. At least, I hope not!

Mine probably won’t come out as wickedly cool looking as Martha Stewart‘s, but this party punch idea is awesome and I definitely want to try it. Super cool for a kid’s party or an adult one. Although I’m thinking whiskey instead of rum. Just saying.

Halloween Decoration Tutorials

This one is for my friend Cory. She and her roomies, the Scrapa Scrapa Scrapas are having a super fun sounding Halloween party and I’m the lame-o Mama who can’t attend. Boo! So for those of you hosting Halloween parties or for those who just love the holiday as much as I do, here are some creative spooktacular holiday decorations. 

apple head close up

Our Best Bites – Shrunken Apples

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Counting Down


1 down, 30 to go! It’s October people!! The best month of the year! I am planning on actually making costumes for the whole family this year. (note: I’m in way over my head.) Ambitious, right?!?

Last year, I tried to get PZ all hyped up for Halloween by having an advent-y like calendar and either giving her a little (under $5) spooktacular gift or doing something together like baking halloween cookies, running around in silly masks, going pumpkin picking, etc. We’re continuing the tradition this year with this scary guy. 


PZ and I made him today while she was supposed to be napping. She won’t be convinced that 3 is too young to quit naps. Quiet time/art time is the best I’ve been able to do this week. Anyway, each chain is numbered and every night she can rip off the appropriate one in our countdown and trade in the chain for 1 piece of candy corn. I’m a candy corn junkie, so this will be good for me, too. Ha!