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Countdown to Trick-OR-Treating Commencing…

Zero minus 4 days and counting. There is still plenty of work to do over here before Halloween can happen.

Costumes – Quinby needs to wear hers to school in the morning, but PZ, Hubs, and I don’t need ours until Sunday evening when we are going to a Halloween party. I also have until Monday night before I have to make warm cloaks for them and bags for trick-or-treating.

Quinby’s Tinker Bell costume is done. Yay! She really loves it, too. So that does a Mama’s heart good.

I finished the little slippers today, finished the arm holes off with my pinking shears, and added a warm inside skirt to the dress made from green minki fabric. This should help with the scratchy complaint and keep her warmer.

PZ’s Peter Pan costume still needs a hat with a feather. She really likes her costume, too. Especially the little dagger. Stabbedy Stab Stab. Take that Captain Hook!

The hat I worked on tonight after ballet class turned out just a wee bit small I’m afraid. I’ll have to wait until she’s awake so I can remeasure and try again.

Hubs is planning on going as Captain Hook. I need to put some ruffles on an old shirt of his. Everything else I think he’s pulling out of the costume box.

I’m planning on going as Princess Tiger Lily. I need to make myself a tunic with some fringe and fashion or buy some moccasins. I already have the braid ties, but I’ll need a headband with a feather which is something I’ve been wanting to make for EVER now anyway.

Decorations – 

We already carved pumpkins and made tissue paper ghosts for our outside staircase. We also made paper jack-o-lanterns for the door and bats for our windows.

I still want to make some luminaries for the bottom of the stairs.

What are you hoping to mark off of your Halloween to-do list? Are you making a costume this year?

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