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A Semi-Staycation

Hubs and family friend Ollie took big sisters PZ and S on their First Annual Daddy/Daughter Camping Trip this weekend! (I don’t sound TOO excited, Right?) And while they were away, Anne and I took the littles berry picking on Sauvie Island. Hot, slightly stingy and very fun!

Q and I had a lovely dinner over at our friends Yancey, Robert, and K’s house. Ribs! And wonderfully flavorful roasted green beans, kale salad with toasted sunflower seeds, grilled peaches, and a tasty sangria. So good, guys!

Then, this morning my family returned home and we had a simple, stay-at-home afternoon and evening. Lots of family time,  comfort food (made by Hubs!), Olympics watching, (Go USA!), and even some time for crafting.

I got to teach PZ how to crochet a chain stitch and Q spent time making a book with pictures AND words. She also made a necklace for a little friend’s upcoming birthday. Her first handmade gift!! So proud. (smiles)

Sure, there will be some cleaning tomorrow, but to have such a relaxing, pleasant weekend was well worth it. A perfect end to such a wonderful birthday week.

Lucky in Loot – Thanks Ladies!

I’ve been very lucky the last few months. I’ve won several giveaways and been given some great handmade items. I wanted to send a shout out to say thanks to everybody and introduce my readers to some special artists.

First up is Anita from the Rhinestone Beagle. She sent me THREE awesomely cute toys for my dogs. There are only two pictured because I have one dog who is very gentle with his toys and one who is a crazy lady and she attacked the canvas bone before we could get a picture. Oops! Anyway, my older dog, Dudley Do-Right has been loving his play time with these two cuddly guys.  Thanks Anita!

Through Wild Olive I found out about this great little shop, darling u boutique. Everything at darling u is handmade by Annie Luu including these adorable hair clips, just great for my daughters, and this gorgeous lace headband that works wonderfully for me. You can’t really see it in my pictures, but the headband has green and white stripped fabric beneath the lace. Just lovely! I think it looks good with my bangs and its really comfortable, too. Thanks Annie!

Local crafty mama and pal Sarah Young of Happy Knits came to Quinby’s potluck party and brought these two neat-o badges. One for me (yeah!) and one for big sister PZ which was so great because PZ needed something just for her during Quinby’s big day. Thanks for being so thoughtful Sarah and making both PZ and me feel like We’re Number One!

I won this beautiful Ahoy dress from ShabbyApple.com through Evelyn’s blog, Oh My Word! She has a great eye for all things lovely which, I’m sure, is why I am so in love with the color of my new dress. It’s super comfortable and fits great. Thanks Evelyn!

Amy over at Salamander Dreams made me this gorgeous notebook. It is made up of little envelopes so I can keep track of memories, pictures, coupons, etc. Very versatile, this notebook is handmade and tied with a yellow ribbon. So pretty. Thanks Amy! It works great!!


I also got this wonderful vintage sheet flag garland from Candace at Sparkle Power. She writes one of my must read blogs AND creates beautiful crafty goodness like this. I love that she uses upcycled vintage sheets and the garland really made Quinby’s fairy princess food table extra festive. Thanks Candace!

While I’m at it I should mention the two great handmade gifts Quinby got for her birthday. The first is this fantastic fairy dress that her Nana knit for her. I’d picked out a cute green vintage dress for her to wear for her birthday, but when we opened this up, she immediately wanted to change. Thanks Victoria! It’s so great to have such a talented mother-in-law!

Second is this funky fresh kitty cat our friend Yancey made for Quinby’s birthday. He’s so cuddly and has already become one of her favorites.  Yancey is also a very talented artist. Check out her work here. Thanks Yancey!

Rainy Day Roundup

Since I’m eating Sundrops, which is highly appropriate since in typical Portland fashion it is rainy and sunny all at the same time, and procrastinating, I decided that a shout out to all the crafty artists who’ve made the great handmade gifts we’ve received this year would both take some time and be an inspiration. Continue reading