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Open for Business

Just wanted to post a little announcement that I’ve finally gotten off my butt and gotten my Sew Flippin Cool Etsy shop up and running. Yay! I’ve been selling kids clothes, accessories, and costumes around town and through the mail for the last year now, but just couldn’t seem to find the time to get my act together with Etsy. Done and done! Check it out and let me know what you think. Like I said, I’m new to this so feedback would be a blessing. Thanks!

P.S. Spread the word!

Getting Back Into the Swing with Spring

We’ve had very sunny weather the last two days in Portland. Yay! So I’ve been inspired to get some fun spring sewing done. Yesterday, I made this little dress for Q out of green polka dot fabric and a vintage floral calico. She looks like such a little lady in it. I’m totally loving this style.

I  made PZ a little romper out of the same fabrics. I don’t usually do the matchy-matchy thing, but I had just enough of both of these fabrics and I figured one of the girls might not like it and I’d just sell it. Nope. They both want to keep their new outfits. Who am I to argue!? (Ignore the messy living room. I did mention it was both nice AND I’ve been sewing, right?)

I made this dress today with this great tribute to Tammis Keefe fabric from Michael Miller. Love, Love, Love this fabric! I got it at Cool Cottons and several others from the same line. I think I’ve pretty much perfected this dress now. I’m finally starting to feel like I can just sit down and sew cute clothes without too much trouble. Of course a dress like this one isn’t TOO terribly difficult, but more than I could have done last year, so I’m happy!

I’m thinking of maybe doing a tutorial for either the dress or the romper. Any opinions? Interest? Let me know! If you are needing a push to getting some spring sewing of your own done check out Spring Top Week for selfish sewing or Elsie Marley‘s Kid’s Clothes Week Challenge for sewing for your kiddos.

Pandas, Kittys, and Wolves, Oh My!

I’ve been working this little project in my head for awhile now, what with my fairy tale kick I’m on and everything, and finally got around to sewing it up today during nap time. I found a very handy tutorial over at Indietutes and added the ears as my own little touch. I think I’m going to do a few different animals in the next week including a unicorn which is what PZ wants to be for Halloween this year. It’ll be MUCH easier than last year’s costume.

So its been forever since I posted and I figure I should show off what else I’ve been working on. I did these kokka kitty kat pants for Q last week and I made these purple panda pocket pants to sell. The cuffs roll down about 4 inches so I figure they’ll be good for about 2 years. That’s what I call conservation!

I also did this fun reversible skirt for PZ using the cinderella fabric with birdy pockets on this side and teal pants weight fabric with a veggy pocket on the other.

Getting Ready for Back to School

Welcome to September folks! Fall is almost here and I can’t wait. Next week both girls will be going back to school. I feel like we’re starting a new chapter around here. Me at home alone for several hours 3 days a week! Excited and a little bit sad, I know as long as I can stay on track I’ll be getting a lot more done.

Like these pants for example. PZ grew like a weed over the summer and so only has about 4 pairs of pants that fit. I made this pair reversible so its almost like she has TWO! The Sewing Dork has a great tutorial here. I’m planning on making a few more pairs of these in the next week. I used a vintage flannel plaid that I got at the Knitt’n Kitten and a really pretty butterfly fabric I got at Cool Cotton.

I also made some of these fun and eco sandwich bags for my youngest’s lunches. I used a royal purple nylon ripstop fabric and the funky vegetable cotton print. These are super easy to make. I got the tutorial here. I also managed to get in some mending – sewing up a hole in one of our wet bags, and I got started on the blanket for PZ’s school nap time. More on that hopefully tomorrow!

Day 4

Okay, yeah…sooo. You may have noticed there was no Day 3. Well, see I cut my fabric last night and then thought surely if I just lay down for a minute, watched a little tv, surely I’d feel like going back and sewing after. Hmm…yeah. It took longer than I had hoped, but here is a peasant blouse I made to go with the bloomers from Day 2. I got a great response from PZ on this. She said she wanted to wear this outfit everyday. So cute!

I used this much loved tutorial for the top. It took about an hour to sew it up. I added the egg shaped pocket on a whim, but like how it came out. Once again, this is part of my contribution to elsie marley‘s kid clothes week challenge. Head over there and see what everyone is doing.

Day 2

Day 2 of the elsie marley‘s kids clothes work challenge produced big girl bloomers!


There were no jumpsuits in sight, but I’ll keep trying and hopefully by the end of the week have at least one pair made. I worked about 2 1/2 hours today with a lot of stops and starts to hang out with PZ (I sew during Q’s nap). She asked me a few weeks ago, why they didn’t make bloomers in her size (4-5). Voila!

This red polka dot fabric is a Sevenberry remnant that I picked up at Fashion Depot at 50% off a reduced rate on almost a yard. The black and white striped is a vintage remnant that I got at the Knittn’ Kitten. I’m hoping to make a shirt out of this Michael Miller High As A Kite fabric tomorrow to go with it.

Love at First Sight

“So flippin’ cool!”, spontaneously blurted out of my mouth upon seeing MY designs on Anne’s daughter Opal today. I had my first photo shoot today for the new website (which will be coming soon) and it was awesome! My friend Anne did the photography, my other friend Jody helped out and they both lent their children as models. Believe me, with 6 kids running around half dressed and crazy, chaos ensued.

The Rieke Art Fair is this Sunday and I think I’m pretty much ready. The rubber stamp I bought to stamp out my logo tags was printed backwards, (totally my fault), so the clothes will be without tags. Hopefully by the next fair I’ll have them. Wish me luck! If anyone has any advice/craft fair horror stories, or fond fair memories I’d love to hear it!

Monday Must Have – Ocean Dreaming

We’re off to the Oregon Coast on Friday. I’ve got ocean waves, sandy toes, saltwater taffy, and good times on my mind. I’ve also got a picnic blanket to finish, a dress for PZ that needs some more buttons/button holes added, a doll and birthday banner for Q to start, and if I can get all that done hopefully another wrap skirt for myself all before Friday. Ack! I have no idea how you guys find time to sew for sell and for yourselves.

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How I spent my bloomer weekend


Hot Air Balloon Ride

carousel horse2

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Inspiration Wednesday – Katie Did Does It For Me

I am subscribed to a LOT of blogs. I get all kinds of tips, tutorials, and ideas from the lovely ladies who let us peek into their studios and lives. There is one blog though that continuously inspires and excites me. I have only been subscribed for a few weeks, but I find myself scrolling down my Bloglines list each day to see if katie did has done something new. I am absolutely in love with her clothes (and its not just that her girls remind me of PZ!).

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