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Spring Palette Challenge – Project 2

I know these are awful pictures and I promise to post some later in good light, but PZ’s bday party is tomorrow and I’m neck deep in cake and cupcake decorating plus I’m hoping to get a dress finished tonight. You can at least get a sense of the shape and cut. The fabric is gorgeous and I’ll post a close up of it later, too.

This is the first shirt I’ve ever sewn for myself. It was WAY harder than it should have been for such an easy tutorial. I tinkered with this and ended up having to cut down the neckline at the end. I’ll probably try making another one of these before our Hawaii trip next month.

Shucks, they’re only shirts.

Thought I’d show off a little. 🙂 These are some things I’ve been working on lately. Q’s shirt is the first one I’ve made. I didn’t use a pattern or tutorial. I’m calling it the Floral Frankenstein because of all the piecing together I had to do. ha!



This jumper I cut out for PZ awhile ago, but just recently put together and finished. I haven’t put buttons on both sides of the straps yet, but it’s not keeping her from wearing it.



This is the square bear from Jenny Ryan‘s Sew Darn Cute book. I should finish it either tonight or tomorrow. PZ has already named him Strawberry.