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Must Have Monday: If I Was Buying Christmas Gifts for My Kids…

So here is where this little experiment gets tricky. Christmas time. I’m actually pretty excited about it and although Hubs hasn’t made any commitment to handmade I’ve been thinking of several fun homemade gifts/projects he/we can do for the kids as gifts for Christmas time. I’ll keep you posted on how it pans out.

Since I’m the holiday shopper in the family I was helping Hubs out by looking around on Etsy for a couple of handmade gifts for the girls. He’s buying, not me! Anyway, I came up with this little round-up and thought it might help some others of you out there looking for cool handmade gifts for your little ones this holiday season. Happy shopping!

yogabagabapuppetsWee Knit’s Yo Gabba Gabba finger puppets – PZ would LOVE these. Plex (the yellow robot) is her favorite. Continue reading

Monday Must Have List – Handmade for When You’re Sick of Being Sick

After a week of taking care of two sick kids, something handmade to make that process easier is pretty much all I can think about. Summer colds are the worst, but these great etsy finds could make nursing kids with even the yuckiest colds a breeze.

Monster Swipers

Monster Swipers

Monster Swipers from Frank and Me are so cute and utterly useful. Never have to say “don’t use your shirt,” again!

Boo Boo Birdies

Boo Boo Birdies

Just grab one of Daisy Creek’s Boo Boo Birdies from the freezer or pop one into the microwave and your baby bird’s tweet will turn sweet in no time. Continue reading

Get Outta Here and Go Outside!

A little nervous about summer time and having the kiddos home ALL the time? I’m with ya. But I’ve done a little research and there are plenty of things to make and do to keep the whole family entertained and happy through those months where you are the only teacher.

Buy it!



My daughter’s preschool has been on break for the last two weeks and the weather here in Portland is starting to get nice. We’ve been getting out – to the park, push biking, nature walks and bubble journeys. It is making me long for those warm summer days that will be here soon. These bubble blowers from Thyme2dream are so cool and would get tons of use on our journeys. Little timeless heirlooms that any kid would find magical. I’m sure they could double as wands or scepters. A great toy to get those young imaginations working.

Looking for a good homemade bubble recipe? Check out Casey Carle’s “Secret” Bubble Solution!

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