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Pillow Talk

I finished all my pillows and actually sold two at the craft fair last weekend which was pretty exciting! I figured I’d post the finished products and their stories here for you guys to read. Please excuse the poor quality photos!

Pillow number 1 – SOLD!

Bianca is a dental hygentist just out of school. She loves making smiles brighter and always carries dental floss in her dress pocket. One day she hopes to have children so she can collect all their milk teeth in a little jar.

Pillow number 2 – $45

Hewbert is a railway attendent. In thirty years of work, he has never lost a single piece of luggage. Hewbert’s favorite part of his day is when he gets to call, “All Aboard!”

Pillow number 3 – $45

Jacque is a true Jack of all trades. Currently he is an apartment manager in a artist’s coop in Paris. With his paint splattered pants and his hip hairdo he fits right in.

Pillow number 4 – $40

Milkman Mike delivers organic, locally farmed cow’s and goat’s milk in a picturesque village in Vermont. Kid’s love the musical sound of the glass milk bottles clinking as Mike deposits them on the stoop.

Pillow number 5  –  $60

Savannah is home from her busy day as bank manager and is currently reading  Great Expectations to her twins, Tom and Sarah. She is looking forward to a nice cup of sassafras tea on the veranda before a late supper.


Pillow number 6 – $30

George is a second generation grocer in his family’s store, the Daily Diamond. Tuesday’s Special of the Day is on gorgonzola! Buy 2 get one free! George has a recipe for tomato basil and gorgonzola soup he’s anxious to try.


Pillow number 7 – $35

Lucetta is a voice for hire. She does mostly jingles and radio bits, but is starting to feel caged into a career that she’s afraid is going no where. Lucetta dreams of traveling to far away places, but currently resides in the cramped turret on her Aunt’s palatial estate in Hollywood, California.

Pillow number 8 – SOLD!

Peter is a reluctant butcher. Unfortunately his family never understood his passion for design or women’s shoes. Now he is forced to stretch his talent by producing lavish meat displays in his father’s shop. Poor Peter.

Pillow number 9 – $40

Fabio is a candy maker and pastry chef. He has loved sweets since he was a little boy in Italy and was always getting under foot in his Nona’s chocolate shop. Now, Fabio’s sweets are in high demand in all the right circles. While he loves his job, he still misses the sound of his Nona’s singing and the lulling sound of the sea.



First Day Back

First Day Back to Preschool

Quinby’s first day back to preschool was yesterday. We were all so excited! I made her this little kitty cat dress with Sevenberry pinstripes and Tammis Keefe reproduction kitty fabric.

This dress was also a first for me. I made bias tape for the neckline! Super easy and looks way nicer than the store bought plain.

First Day of Kindergarten

Today is PZ’s first day of Kindergarten, (sigh). I’m a bit of an emotional wreck this morning. Plus I’m EXHAUSTED! Does any Mama sleep the night before their child’s first day of school? Well, I sure didn’t. She didn’t get much sleep either so I’m hoping she doesn’t drag her way through the day.

Happy back to school everybody!

All it takes for me to make something is to say I’m not going to…

So I said to my friend Yancey today, ” I’ve decided not to do ANYTHING productive until school starts.” I then proceeded to go home and make these two skirts. Yep. After days of going into my studio looking at fabrics, searching through patterns, drawing up sketches, etc., I just went in, grabbed some fabric from off the floor, and knocked these two guys out in less than an hour.

The fabrics are all vintage pieces I’ve gotten from Knitt’n Kitten over the past few months. The main fabric is a quilted cotton, I’m guessing from the 80’s, with little flowers on one side and big ones on the other. The plaid feels almost like a calico and the pattern looks like 60’s to me.

Quinby’s is the big flower side of the quilted cotton and a red and white striped flannel. I may go back and add pockets to the skirts. Not sure yet. I like that these were all super cheap vintage fabrics. Both skirts all together probably cost me $2 to make. Not a bad way to spend an unexpectedly warm afternoon.

Knits and Necklaces

Phew! I finally made it through all the blogs on the SMS May Giveaway Day. If you have some time, or actually a LOT of time, and you’re feeling lucky you should definitely check it out! If you’re looking for MY giveaway, its right here.

Now I can get back to sewing and blogging and heck!, even parenting. When the SMS Giveaway Days happen, I kind of shut down. Anyway! I’ve been trying some new stuff around here. I’ve got the new serger now, and finally sat down and pulled out some of my vintage knits to play around with. Here is what I made in approximately 15 minutes.

"cute" pose

"crazy" pose

If you look closely, you can see the necklace that PZ made all by herself. I actually think its pretty awesome and a really cool way to get your kiddos thinking in patterns.

PZ's necklace

We worked for about 2 hours on necklaces on Sunday. I pulled out all my old beads and jewelry making supplies. It was kind of neat to see all the old stuff. This was something new for the girls. We’ve made felt jewelry, but this is the first bead work we’ve done. We all got frustrated many times, beads rolling off the elastic string, Quinby choosing to toss more than floss. But we got through it and both girls are very proud of their work and so am I.

Here’s a last picture of the knit dress. I wanted to show a close up of it so you could see the cute vintage fabric. It’s blue alligators at the beach! This was another Knittn’ Kitten find from awhile ago.

KCWC – Day 6

It’s kind of like if you give a mouse a cookie, only in this case its if you make one of your daughters a princess dress you can be pretty sure the other one will pout until you make her one too. Thus, day 6 of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge was dedicated to making a princess dress for Miss PZ.

(This picture is horrible, but I couldn’t get her to stop watching her favorite documentary, Babies. Both girls love that movie). The skirt of the dress is a really great double gauze cotton with Tink and Peter Pan on it. (Another favorite movie). The top is the same blue linen I used for sister’s sleeves yesterday only I’ve used alternating hot pink and pearl pink thread for the shirring and I used a pink and white striped linen for the straps. The purple sequined sheer fabric I gathered at the ends and sewed on as part of the strap so they hang down her shoulder a bit. Best I could do to add a bit of sparkle. I’m hoping to add wings to both girls dresses, but don’t have any wire (and no, I don’t have wire hangers either. We wouldn’t want it to get too Mommy Dearest over here).

Quinby wore her princess dress out and about today, so I’m no longer concerned that it will spend more time on the floor than on her body. Of course, that means the dress is already in the wash after having had OJ and pancakes liberally applied to the front of its skirt.

In other news, look what I got last night. Bangs! I’ve never had short bangs before and I’m totally in love with them. Yay! BTW: My best gal pal Cory from Freecycle Jewelry made my fascinator. You can check out some of her stuff locally at House of Vintage.

Industrious Emily

I got thirty two sandwich bags completed this weekend. Feeling like I’m living up to my name (Emily = industrious). I let the girls choose one each and I’ll take the other thirty to Piccolina (both the Clinton and the Woodstock stores) tomorrow. If you are looking for a fun Easter goody bag or some picnic bags as we head into the spring season, you’ll know where to find them.

Spring Break Week – Things to Make, Bake, and Take

Spring break week is quickly approaching. Never fear! My Spring Break Round-up is here!

Things to Make
Prudent Baby’s beaded necklace

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Fancy Pants

If you are looking for my SMS giveaway posts either scroll down or click here for HumbleLuna’s (the tail) and here for Sister Diane’s (ebook). I know it feels like I’ve become a giveaway blog, but I promise I’m still here. Motivation has been a bit of an issue lately. I’m hoping I can get a good deal done this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I wanted to show you guys something, even if it isn’t one of the presents I’m working on. (I’m taking pictures of all my finished presents and will post them after Christmas so you guys can see the last hurrah). Here are some “fancy pants” I made for Q. I found the black wool, think peacoat material) at Mill’s End and the vintage lace at Knittn’ Kitten. PZ saw these and immediately asked where hers were, so I’m going to have to make her something similar. Is a 4 year old too old to have ruffles on the butt? I kind of think maybe. Perhaps I’ll put the ruffles down the sides or on the knees. Let me know what you think!

fancy pants

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Tuesday Tutorials: the Halloween Costume Addition


Local Mama and Craftzine contributor Susan Beal gives us this awesome Yoda costume tutorial. Pearl looks so cute! Great job, Susan!!

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Your Tip for Tuesday: Lee Merideth

I’m so excited to have Lee Merideth of do stuff! and leethal fame here to talk to us about which thrift store items she recommends upcycling into craft materials. She also drops a LOT of awesome project ideas and tutorials our way. Thanks so much, Lee!



I have a huge stash of assorted thrifted things in my craft studio, since I try to use recycled materials in my crafting whenever possible, and usually when inspiration strikes I want to get started right away! Having these piles of recycled fabrics and other materials right there not only means I rarely have to make a trip to the craft store when I want to start a new project, but it also tends to bring something special to the project – by limiting myself to using these thrifted items I have on hand, my creations often become something they never would have had I shopped for project-specific materials at the fabric store instead. Some things I like to stock up on at thrift stores:

-Sweaters! This is my number one category of craft stash – I unravel sweaters to recycle the yarn, I felt wool sweaters to use the felt, and I convert cotton (or otherwise non-felted) sweaters into new clothes or other projects. I choose my sweaters based on fiber content (essential when looking to felt, important for unraveling too, especially if planning to dye), color, feel, etc, depending on my plans for each one.


-T-shirts! My favorite material for sewing projects, t-shirt fabric is soft and versatile. I use tees in all kinds of projects, from huge t-shirt quilts (well I’ve only made one of those, but it’s awesome!), to clothes like skirts/shirts/dresses, to small projects like headbands and cuffs, or tee scraps as applique. I choose my thrift buys based on color, image, softness, and size (but often the color and image are great enough that size doesn’t matter, I’ll find something to use it for).

-Sheets! This includes both full size bed sheets and pillowcases – there are so many things you can use sheet fabric for, if you see a pattern or color that grabs your eye, get it! You can use full sheets and pillowcases both for big-ish projects like skirts, bags, etc (I even did a roundup of tons of different pillowcase projects) and I love to have them around for smaller uses, like patches, applique, or other embellishments. When choosing sheets to buy, just pick the fabrics you love!

-Clothes! Other clothes besides tees and sweaters can be great for fabric also, like sweatshirts, jeans, pants, skirts, tops, and shirts. I only buy these when the fabric is great, or if I have a specific project in mind and I know what I need. I like having several sweatshirts and jeans on hand though, as these can be great fabrics to work with.

-Ties! Neck ties are a fantastic craft supply, as you can see in the roundup of tie projects I did awhile back, so I always grab cheap ones in good patterns when I find them. Several can be combined into a big project, or if you find one you really love you can make it into something special – I love using leftover bits for little appliques!

-Books! I absolutely love the imagery in a lot of old science books from the 60’s and 70’s, as well as some old cookbooks, and of course there are the craft books! I’m sure to have some of these on hand for whenever I need some good imagery – I use them on cards, for CD sleeves, in decoupage projects… I’m not a big paper crafter, but it’s often useful to have my book stash!


-Jewelry! My favorite kind of beads are recycled beads, so I always take a peek at the jewelry section to see if there are any cool looking beads on bracelets or necklaces that I can take apart. I don’t do tons of beadwork, but I do make myself earrings for fun, and I make beaded stitch markers for knitting, so I love having a stash of recycled beads for when the mood hits me.

-Craft Supplies! Have to include this – not all thrift stores have a decent selection, but sometimes I’ll come across bags of buttons, yarn, thread… and if you’re into vintage sewing patterns, those are super common! So always take a look and grab what you think you’d want to use in future projects!


Need more Lee? Show your support and check out her handspun yarn, cuff patterns, and cuff kits before you run off to empty your local thrift shop and start crafting like crazy.