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How to Become a Handmade Domestic Goddess: Pt 3

I’ve got all the supplies and I’m totally using The Cottage Gray’s homemade laundry detergent recipe. I like the lavender oil idea. My kids are getting older and frankly I’m tired of my laundry not smelling like anything. This Handmade Domestic Goddess in training likes lavender!

While we’re getting our homemade cleaning supplies in order, how about this dishwashing soap recipe from Simply Designing. I love that it uses two of the ingredients from the laundry soap recipe. Looks like I’ll be trying this one, too!

Always a fan of good reference material, I love Creatively Domestic’s laundry stain cheat sheet printable.

I love this recipe from Pepper Paints for homemade hand sanitizer with no harsh chemicals. With two kiddos, we go through this stuff like crazy!

I’ve actually cleaned my mattress  already after seeing this post by Make It Do. I put the baking soda on before we left for a long weekend away and vacuumed it when we returned. It worked great!