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The Big Apple Circus

I’d seen Circus on Netflix a few months ago with Hubs, so I knew if we were going to New York  I wanted to take the girls to the see the Big Apple Circus. Man. It was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!

We had second row seats!

You could glimpse this baby head from behind the tent flap as you waited to enter.

We saw them on their last night at Lincoln Center for their 34th season and I was so impressed. It was really magical and hilarious and exciting and inspiring. Everything you could ask for and more! This season the show was all about using your imagination and reaching for your dreams. The acts were supposed to be people’s dreams come to life.

The top of the tent is covered in these beautiful stars.

The Shandong Acrobatic Troupe doing an awesome jump rope act.

Dimitry Chernov with his "Dima Black" juggling act.

The animal portions of the show were some of my favorite. Although my pictures are poor, having such cute puppies, and gorgeous horses so close you could almost touch them was such an amazing experience. Meanwhile, Jenna Robinson is singing in this phenomenal operatic voice as she’s flying overhead and strapped into some sort of horse shaped contraption. It was very strange, totally beautiful, and completely otherworldly. Q, whose jaw practically came unhinged during the act, said Jenna had the prettiest voice she’d ever heard. I couldn’t even take offense it was so wonderful.

Jenny Vidbel's dog show

Jenny Vidbel's horses were so close you could feel the wind as they galloped past.

Another one of Q’s favorites was Melanie Chy’s hand balancing act. The whole time the woman was preforming, Q was saying “Wow”, over and over. It was pretty cute. And she was right. The act was Wow!

Melanie Chy bent our brains with her incredible performance.

The Shandong Acrobatic Troupe came out for a pyramid act.

PZ’s favorite, and one of mine, was the final act of the show. The Flying Cortes‘ trapeze act was tremendous and right above our heads! The topper was when 10 year old Ysabella dropped the charade of being a shy audience member and climbed to the top of the trapeze platform some 20 or so feet above our heads. PZ’s couldn’t believe it and kept asking me how that little girl could be doing something so cool.

Just the shadow of a Flying Cortes

The Flying Cortes Trapeze act was amazing!

Although not pictured, Barry Lubin as Grandma and Scott and Muriel were hilarious. They had us all laughing hysterically throughout the show.  I am so glad we got to go, especially on this final tour for Grandma. It was excellent, riveting, and totally entertaining. You definitely gave us something to DREAM BIG about. Thanks Big Apple Circus!


If they come to your town, GO!