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Elsie Marley’s KCWC – Day 2

After the great shorts fiasco yesterday, I decided to switch over to tops. I did this little top to “go” with the sailboat shorts I made on Sunday. I had seen this picture from katie did‘s blog when she first posted it and the little shorts are actually what I liked about it, but the ruffle on the top caught my attention as well. So I just decided to free hand a similar top and it came out a little strange, but wearable.

The straps still need some adjustment. PZ wasn’t feeling particularly willing to stand around trying the shirt on over and over again. Unfortunately, she gets super freaked out when trying clothes on with pins, so I end up sewing it before I have her try it on and having to redo it several times before I get it right.

I also almost finished an apron top for PZ, but we had friends come over for burgers on the grill. Yeah! It is finally starting to get nice enough to eat outside! Sunny Portland days here we come!

Inspiration Wednesday – Katie Did Does It For Me

I am subscribed to a LOT of blogs. I get all kinds of tips, tutorials, and ideas from the lovely ladies who let us peek into their studios and lives. There is one blog though that continuously inspires and excites me. I have only been subscribed for a few weeks, but I find myself scrolling down my Bloglines list each day to see if katie did has done something new. I am absolutely in love with her clothes (and its not just that her girls remind me of PZ!).

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