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Hula Hoops!

My friend Anne and her lovely family moved into the neighborhood back in June and this is just one of the many reasons I’m so happy they did. A crafting buddy! Anne and I made a total of 7 hula hoops on Sunday using this tutorial.

Two adult sized ones and 5 kid sized ones. All while our 4 girls aged 3-6 ran around her front yard like a three ring circus. Sorry! I couldn’t help myself. What I mean to see is they were¬†hassling, ahem, encouraging us to hurry up so we could all get down to the fun stuff. Hula hooping!¬†This is the hoop I made for Quinby. All the kid’s hoops we did using duct tape. Mistake! On ours we used electric tape. Much easier! And there you have it. Ta da!