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ROI Day 5, 6, and 7

We’ve been continuing to have outstandingly beautiful weather. Yay! I just LOVE October. I need to pick up some purple sunglasses before it’s too late! Anyway, today on my walk (not a nature one, but an actual exercise one) I stopped to pick up these lovely (if slightly dry) peas. I was inspired by my flower dress, that I wore later in the day to the playground, to draw floral and leaf patterns on the peas. After taking my picture I let the wind have it’s way with my precious peas and later heard a little girl delight in finding one on the ground. So I’ve decided to let nature reclaim all of my ROIs from here on out.

I also found this chestnut seed casing on the ground during my morning walk. Prickly little bugger, but I like how he came out. The soft insides made for some difficult pen work. I’m using Sharpie Brand Ultra Fine Tipped pens.

This mermaid on a stick was not easy. If drawing on paper isn’t your forte, don’t expect drawing on soft wood to be any simpler! The girls and I sat in the playground for more than an hour drawing and coloring mermaids. Not sure how we got on that tip.

Here are Anne’s ROIs from the last two days.

I know Anne has recently finished a new painting. Perhaps she’ll give me the okay to let you guys have a peek.

These are some of the drawings my girls did today. Not ROIs, since they were just drawing in my sketchbook, but they were totally cracking me up!

I drew a quick circle on the back of my sketch book to get my pen working again during my chest nut seed casing drawing. Q wanted to draw one too, then added a mouth and kept telling me she’d made “facebook”. HAHA!

This is my oldest daughter PZ’s page. She’s 6 and did all the drawing and coloring herself. In case you’re wondering, the Queen mermaid is upset because her hat looks like an elephant is sitting on her head. Or so I was informed.

PZ drew these mermaids for Q to color. I kind of love the strange “South Park” eyes on the orange mermaid. I also really like the yellow tail choice. The big puffy looking mermaid is crying because she is too weird to have friends. This is what my 4 year old told me. Don’t even try to¬†psychoanalyze¬†that one!

Anne’s husband Ollie surprised us at the park so I made him draw this mermaid. Q gave her very long hair and what looks to be chest hair.

Hope you had a great weekend!

xoxo Emily