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Made by Emily

This crazy thing is my hanging cardboard aquarium. I got the idea here from Made by Joel. It’s simple and sweet. Instead of tossing this old cardboard box into the recycling, I cut out this “aquarium” frame and the 5 aquatic animals (2 fish, a turtle, a jellyfish, and a crab). Then you slice thin strips at the top and attach the animals by fishing wire to old vintage buttons. The girls had a lot of fun moving the buttons around and making the animals “swim”.

I also wanted to show you guys my nesting doll self-portrait, (another Made by Joel idea). I made these for Q for Christmas. So far I’ve played with them more than she has, but I was able to diffuse a gnarly temper tantrum by using the Mama and Q dolls as puppets.

And finally, an update on the playroom remodel. The carpet is in. The rocket ship is up. Some day soon I’ll do some curtains and pillows. And hopefully sooner than later we’ll do some painting or some funky wall art in there.