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Crazy Squared

This is where I was last night at 11pm, sorting out all the squares on my living room floor. ┬áThere are 108 squares in all (obviously not pictured here) for a 9 square by 12 square twin quilt. Q will be moving from her crib into the bottom bunk of sister PZ’s bed in less then 2 weeks (isn’t time amazing!) and hopefully this quilt will be done and moving with her.

I didn’t want to do a regular eye spy quilt, but I did want the fabric to excite her. So we have tons of her favorite animals and several floral prints along with some fun gingham checkers, a polka dot, some chambray denim and dreamy clouds. The back is going to be this fun Kokka fabric that has tiny little green apples on it to complete the modern farm theme. (Apples is one of her favorite and most recognizable words.)

I’ve promised PZ that I’ll do a nap time quilt for her before school starts back. Her new school has nap time (which she hasn’t had in more than a year), so maybe a new quilt will help with that transition. Perhaps a handmade travel pillow as well. Lots of fun stuff to look forward to making this summer.

sewflippincool update – I am still only selling my kid clothes at the local resale shop Piccolina, but sales are picking up now that summer has officially arrived in Portland. Eventually I plan on doing an Etsy shop or an online store of some kind but summer is too short to be worrying about that now.

What I’ve Got Planned…

Q is turning 2 (Lord help us!) on July 6th and I want to make a quilt for her as she transitions out of her crib and into the bottom bunk beneath sister PZ. I’m interested in trying this one by Film in the Fridge. Any advice? Suggestions? Etc? This will be my second quilt, my first two successes are here and here.

Hubs and I are also thinking of trying our hand at teepee making. We spend a LOT of time outside in the back yard once the summer gets going (and we really hope it gets going soon!). Has anyone done this? I might need some moral support to get this one done!